PRAN Generated in Age Brackets as per NPS Records

PRAN Generated in Age Brackets as per NPS Records

1. NPS was launched on 01 Jan’04 and was aimed at individuals newly employed with central and state government,
2. NPS currently manages corpus of 58.50 lakh people in State and Central Government.
3. Only Tier I Active NPS accounts are considered for the analysis.
4. Central and State Autonomous Bodies are shown under Central & State Govt. respectively.
5. Sector wise number of Permanent Retirement Account Numbers (PRANs) generated during respective months
6. “Non-Govt” refers to “Corporate sector employees”
7. The age of Subscriber is calculated based on end date of the month in which his/her PRAN has been generated.PRAN Generated in Age Brackets as per NPS Records

8. The data represented during different months are the number of PRAN generation during the months
9. Includes NSDL & KCRA data
10. Non-Govt PRAN data may not necessarily represent new employment as there may be some persons who were in
employment earlier but have opened PRAN now

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