News about Minimum Pay Increase to Rs.21000 in 7th Pay Commission

News about Minimum Pay Increase to Rs.21000 in 7th Pay Commission

Though we haven’t posted any news about Minimum Pay Increase to Rs.21000 for quite a while, many news channels and portals have fixed many deadlines for this increase. Now it is August 15th, 2018 is the new date set by them for the announcement of  Minimum Pay Increase to Rs.21000

We are constantly in touch with the Members of National Council JCM and it appeared that they were not at all impressed by this news and simply ignored that.

Because they didn’t get any positive sign from the Central Government about minimum pay increase or any change in Fitment factor

Now the Government informed in the Rajya Sabha that there would be no change in Minimum Pay and Fitment factor and there is no such proposal under consideration.

Click to Read Govt Answer in Rajya Sabha on Minimum Pay and Fitment Factor Increase

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9 thoughts on “News about Minimum Pay Increase to Rs.21000 in 7th Pay Commission”


    Annual Confidential report of a government servant especially before grant of MACPS, prescribed form


    In August 2018 is being given in latest buzz on minimum pay increase. Is it latest news now
    It is better to remove that word

  3. Chodavarapu Raghu Ramanjaneyujluj

    In the circular issued 608 by PCDA(P) Allahabad the airforce pbor tables service rendered or the number of years served is not mentioned. It is making confusion to understand the tables made,

  4. The news channels are famous for manufacturing new stories where there is none. Thus, all the news items in print media and especially in electronic and social media are imaginations of unscrupulous prestitutes who have no morals. Regarding increase, this government has failed to keep its promise given to trade unions and the trade unions have also well understood their incapability to bring about any change in the pay scales and thus gone into hibernation. Thus the ultimate losers are those government employees. It is a total failure of the trade union leaders, it seems, got sold off.

  5. Is HRA applicable to greater Kolkata areas in A class city tag,as Kalyani draws A class city HRA being in greater Kolkata area,if any body know forward reply to me

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