Tripura Govt Employees 7th CPC Revised Pay Notification

Tripura Govt Employees 7th CPC Revised Pay Notification

Department of Finance , Government of Tripura has published Notification for 7th CPC Revised Pay Notification for implementation revised pay to its employees

No. F. 7(2) – FIN(PC)/2018/

Dated, the 11th October, 2018


The Government has approved to implement the following recommendations made by the Expert Committee for the employees, workers & pensioners of the State Government, Subordinate judiciary, Tripura Legislative Assembly Secretariat, Tripura public Service Commission, Grants-in-aid Schools, Tripura Board of Secondary Education
and other Constitutional Bodies:

2.1] Date of effect of the revision of Pay /wages/ Pensions shall be from 01.10.2018

2.2] New pay structure shall be in the form of “Tripura State Pay Matrix 2088” with 21 Levels as given at Annexure – I. [ See the pay matrix ]This Matrix will replace “Tripura State Pay Matrix 2017”, which was prepared by using multiplication factor of 2.25. This multiplication factor shall be raised to the level of multiplication factor of 2.57,
generally, in “Tripura State Pay Matrix 20!8”, subject to the condition that wherever the Revised Pay works out higher than the corresponding Pay as per 7th CPC recommendations as a result of application of multiplication factor of 2.57, suitable adjustments have been made with a view of keep parity with the 7th CPC recommendations. As a result, the multiplication factor is slightly lower than 2.57 at some levels of the “Tripura State Pay Matrix 2018”. To further elaborate, the Pay in a particular Cell of the “Tripura State Pay Matrix 2018″‘has been arrived at by
dividing the figure in corresponding Cell in “Tripura State Pay Matrix 2017” by 2.25 and, then multiplying it by applicable multiplication factor at the particular level under “Tripura State Pay Matrix 2018” [rounded off to nearest 100 rupees as per 7th CPC pattern)

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