Pay and Allowance to Personnel Posted in Field Areas

Shrimati Rita Bahuguna Joshi has sought details in Loksabha regarding the arrangements made for drawing of pay and allowances by armed forces personnel posted in field areas, high altitude area and in Jammu and Kashmir where banking facilities are not available. The following information has been provided in Loksabha

The Pay and Allowances of all armed forces personnel are being credited by their respective Pay Accounts Offices into their Bank Account each month, irrespective of their place of posting. These Bank Accounts details are submitted by the Record Office(s) in prescribed bank mandate at the time of their enrolment and kept updated. Now Bank accounts are accessible from anywhere irrespective of the place of opening.

(b) Families of armed forces personnel can access the bank accounts for all purposes as their dependants including additional ATM cards.
Besides above, the provision of FAMO (Family Allotment Money Order) is also continuing for armed forces who are posted in field areas, to transfer money to their families by the Pay Accounts Offices (if opted by JCO/ORs & officers).

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