Laptop for Central Government Employees in lieu of Desktop

Laptop for Central Government Employees
Laptop for Central Government Employees in lieu of Desktop

Railway Board issued a circular in which it has been clarified that a serving Central Government officer in Railways is entitled to purchase a laptop in lieu of Desktop irrespective of his/her remaining service


No.201 1/C&IS/Committee/Laptops/Pt.II
New Delhi, 12-02-2020

The Director,
lndian Railways lnstitute of Electrical Engineering
Nasik Road,
Maharashtra – 422OO1

Subject :- Clarification on Provision of Laptops to officer in lieu of Deskops

Ref :- 1) Director/ IRIEEN’s letter No. NK.IRIEEN.GAZ.LAPTOPS.2019 dt 01.11.2019
2) Laptop Policy No. 201 UC&IS/Committee/Laptops/Pt.II dated 23-01-2012

Please refer to Director/IRIEEN’s letter mentioned above seeking clarification whether an officer with less than One year service is entitled for a new laptop as per existing Laptop Policy referred (2) above.

In this context, it is pointed out that as per Para 1.1.6 of the Laptop Policy referred (2) above, all Gazetted officers of Railway Units, Railway Board and officers of the other departments posted on deputation to Railway Board or various Railway Units are eligible for Laptops in lieu of Desktops.Hence, a serving officer is entitled to purchase a laptop irrespective of his/her remaining service.

The residual value is calculated as per Para 5 of the Laptop policy. However, a chart for calculation of the residual value of laptop for completed month-wise is attached herewith for reference purpose.

View the Railway Board Circular

Procedure for Laptop purchase and reimbursement

As per the existing policy, the officers in JAG and above grade are entitled for Rs.55,000/ for Laptop and Rs.30,000/- for repair and maintenance. Other gazette officers below JAG are entitled for Rs. 25,000/- for Laptop and Rs.20,000/- for repair and maintenance.

Board (FC & CRB) has approved further simplification of the process of procurement and reimbursement of laptop. As per the simplified procedure, officers who procure laptop themselves may club the cost of Laptop and cost of repair/maintenance over the specified life of the machine and total amount can be claimed through single invoice subject to the terms and conditions as well as monetary limits laid down in the laptop policy letter dated 23/01/2012.

In case both i.e. the cost of laptop and the cost of repair & maintenance are clubbed together and there is a single invoice of the total permissible amount, the responsibility of repair and maintenance of the laptop shall rest with the officer concerned. Other terms and condition mentioned in the Laptop policy dated 23/01/2012 remains the same.

View the Railway Board Order

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