Disbursement of Salary and Pension on account of ONAM

Confederation of Central Govt Employees and Workers has made an appeal to the Government to disburse the Salary and Pension on account of ONAM to Central government employees and Pensioners in the state of Kerala on 20th August 2020. The content of the Confederation letter is given below

“ONAM is the State festival of Kerala. The Festival commences on 22nd August 2020 and culminates on 02nd September 2020. This is also a social festival and is celebrated by one and all. It had been the normal practice to draw and disburse the salary and pension of the employees and pensioners in the month in which the festival falls well prior to the commencement of the festival

We shall be grateful if orders are issued to all Departments to disburse the salary and pension for the month of August, 2020 by 20. August 2020 in respect of all employees and pensioners in the State of Kerala. A copy of the order issued by your office on 06.08.2018 in this matter ts enclosed for ready reference (Demo 2019 the festival was in the first week, Immediately alter the salary payment of previous month, and hence we have not requested for advance payment of salary during 2019)”

It is expected that the above request will be considered by Central Government Favourably

Source : Confederationhq

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