Extension of validity of unused Railway Passes

validity of unused Railway Passes : In order to follow uniformity with E-Passes, the validity of Physical Passes should also be extended- Railway Board

validity of unused Railway Passes

(रेलवे बोर्ड) (RAILWAY BOARD)

No. E(W)2020/PS5-2/7

New Delhi, dated 19.08.2021

The General Managers (P)
All Zonal Railways &
Production Units.

Sub: Clarification w.r.t. extension of validity of unused Passes.
Ref: Board’s letter of even number dated 30.06.2021.

Representations and RTI applications are being received in Board’s office complaining that Pass Issuing Authorities (PIA) are not extending validity of partly used Passes in terms of Board’s above referred letter and are deprived from using the Pass for unused portion. In this regard unused portion on Pass is illustrated below:-

On Pass issued for journey from Stations A to D with break journeys at Stations B & C, journey was performed only from Station A to B. The unused portions in such case are from Stations B to C and C to D.

  1. In this context, attention is invited to Para-2 of Board’s letter referred to above which categorically stipulates that extension of validity should be granted on all unused Passes/PTOs upto 30.09.2021. In E-Pass Module of HRMS, all E-Passes, including partly used ‘E-Passes have been revalidated in the system itself for booking of tickets including for unused portion, upto 30.09.2021. Considering the instructions issued vide Board’s letter ibid and also in order to follow uniformity with E-Passes, the validity of Physical Passes should also be extended similarly. Accordingly, PIAs may be advised to take-necessary action to revalidate the partly used Physical Passes also upto 30.09.2021, if not already done.

(Mahesh Kumar Meena)
Joint Director Estt. (Welfare)
Railway Board.

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