Special Casual Leave to Central Govt Employees in case of Covid Positive

Special Casual Leave to Central Govt Employees : DoPT has issued a Clarification on 7.6.2021 in respect of Granting Special Casual Leave and other leave to Central Government Employees in case of hospitalisation/Quarantine during the COVID-19 treatment.

Special Casual Leave to Central Govt Employees

1.When the government servant Himself is COVID positive and is in home isolation/ Quarantine

(i) Shall be granted commuted leave up to 20 days, if due and admissible, without medical certificate, on mere production of his COVID positive report.

(ii) If commuted leave is not available, he shall be granted special casual leave (SCL) for 15 days, followed by Earned Leave (EL) or Half Pay Leave (HPL) of 5 days and in case of EL/HPL is also not available, He shall be given extraordinary leave (EOL) Without insisting on production of medical certificate and the period shall also be counted for qualifying service.

2.When the government servant himself is COVID positive, and is in home isolation and has also been hospitalized.

(i) Shall be granted Commuted Leave/SCL/EL for a period upto 20 days starting from the time having tested COVID positive, if the period of home quarantine/ Discharge from hospital falls within 20 days, as per SI.No.1 above.

(ii) In case of hospitalisation beyond the 20th day from his testing COVID positive, he shall be granted Commuted Leave, on production of documentary proof of hospitalisation.

(iii) If, however, after discharge from the hospital, the government servant is required to remain at home for post COVID recovery, he may be granted leave of any kind due and admissible to him, with approval of the concerned Competent Authority, as per the CCS (Leave) Rules 1972. It is only when the commuted leave is not available to the credit of the government servant that SCL of 15 days or EL or EOL shall be considered.

3.When a dependent family number of Government servant is COVID positive or parents, weather dependent or not, living with him are COVID positive.

(i) Shall be granted SCL of 15 days on production of COVID positive report of dependent family members/ parents.

(ii) In case of active hospitalization of any of the family members/Parents, even after 15 days of the expiry of SCL, the Government Servant may be granted leave of any kind due and admissible beyond 15 days of SCL till their discharge from hospital. After discharge from the hospital of dependant family member/parents, if the Government servant wishes to avail further leave, he shall be considered for the leave due and admissible as per the CCS (Leave) Rules 1972, Subject to functional requirements and sanction of leave by the Competent Authority. The Competent Authority is advised to take a liberal view in such cases, and its decision in the matter shall be final.

4.When the Government Servant comes into direct contact with a COVID positive person and remains in home Quarantine.

(i) he shall be treated as on duty/work from home for a period of seven days. For any period beyond that, his attendance shall be regulated as per the instructions given by the Ministry/Department/Office concerned, where is working.

5.The Period of quarantine spent by government servant, as a precautionary measure, residing in the containment zone.

He shall be treated as on duty/Work from home till the containment zone is de-notified.

These order shall be applicable w.e.f 25.03.2020 and shall continue until further orders. The past cases, wherever settled shall be reopened if the same is beneficial to the government servant and where he makes request in writing for review

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