8th Pay Commission Projected Pay Matrix – How much increase ?

8th Pay Commission Projected Pay Matrix : The format of Pay Scale evolved as Pay Matrix in 7th Pay Commission seems to continue in 8th Pay Commission Projected Pay Matrix with slight changes

The format of 8th Pay Commission Projected Pay Matrix

There were some issues in arriving Levels and Cells in the 7th CPC Pay matrix. An uniform fitment Factor was not applied for revising pay scales in Pay matrix. Different Fitment factor was used for Pay band wise to arrive the Basic Pay in Pay Matrix. So a New format to be evolved in 8th CPC to revise 8th pay commission salary structure

8th Pay Commission Pay matrix

It is expected that the following issues will be eliminated in the 8th Pay Commission Pay matrix

In 7th CPC Pay Matrix, 3% hike was not maintained exactly between next cells to grant annual increment .

Promotion Pay fixation benefit is very less comparing to sixth Pay Commission.

In Sixth CPC there was a hike in both Grade Pay and Band Pay . The difference in Grade Pays for feeder Grade and Promotion Grade was added with the Pay while fixation of Pay is done for Promotion and 3% hike also was granted on account of Promotion Pay fixation.

Here in 7th CPC only 3% hike was ensured for fixation of Pay on Promotion apart from change in the Level in which there was no much increase. The hike was very meagre in Pay cells while matching the nearest cell in the next level for promotion.

While arriving the new Pay matrix for 8th Pay Commission, it is expected that these issues will be eliminated. As done in the past there will be 2.5 to 3 times hike will be there in the 8th CPC Pay matrix

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