Clarification on Grant of Additional Post Allowance – Railway Board

Railway Board Clarified on Grant of Additional Post Allowance

Government of India (Bharat Sarkar)
Ministry of Railways (Rail Mantralaya)
(Railway Board)

RBE No. 10 /2022
New Delhi, Dated: 17.01.2022


The General Managers and PFAs
All Indian Railways & Production Units
(As per standard list)

Sub: Grant of ‘Additional Post Allowance’- clarification reg.

One of the Zonal Railways has sought clarification from this Ministry whether Additional Post Allowance is admissible to an officer for leave (LAP/LHAP/CL) taken during the looking after arrangement.

2. In this regard, attention is invited to instructions contained in Board’s letter No.F(E)Sp1.98/FR/1/1 dated 11.09.2000 which provide that if a Govt. officer is formally appointed to hold full charge of another post in addition to his normal duty under FR 49 leave availed by that officer during the period of holding full charge of another post will be taken into account for counting the period of dual charge arrangement.

3. These instructions are reiterated for information and compliance.

(This disposes of RDSO’s letters No.E-II/AEP-5727 dated 03.05.2021 and No.E-II/AEP-5805 dated 30.07.2021)

(Jitendra Kumar)
Deputy Director Finance (E)-I
Railway Board

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