December 2021 AICPIN is the last point to finalise the DA rate from January 2022

The AICPIN for the month of December, 2021 is released on Monday, 31st January, 2022. But this is the last AICPIN which is expected by all to finalise the DA rate from January 2022.

As per the Press release issued by Labour Bureau today, the AICPIN for December, 2021 decreased by 0.3 points and stood at 125.4 

Let’s look at the monthly wise increase in AICPIN over the last 12 months. The minimum was (-0.3) and the maximum was 1.6. Even using the maximum and minimum increases in AICPIN for the month of December 2021, the DA rate will be fixed at 34%. Check this in DA Calculator.

DA Table for January 2022 with 12 Months AICPIN

The AICPIN and DA table provided below will make the above assumption clear.

S.NoMonth & YearAICPIN PointsDifference In AICPINDA  Increase @ Monthly
1January 2021118.228.50
2February 2021119.0(+0.8)28.97
3March 2021119.6(+0.6)29.56
4April 2021120.1(+0.5)30.10
5May 2021120.6(+0.5)30.65
6June 2021121.7(+1.1)31.24
7July 2021122.8(+1.1)31.80
8August 2021123.0(+0.2)32.32
9September 2021123.3(+0.3))32.80
10October 2021124.9(+1.6)33.30
11November 2021125.7(+0.8)33.85
12December 2021125.4(-0.3)34.46

Finally the increase in the additional instalment of Dearness Allowance to Central Government employees and Dearness Relief to Pensions, due from 01.01.2022 will be 3% over the existing rate 31%.

Read the Press Release for AICPIN for December 2021

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