Method of KV Admission in Class I-KV Admission Guidelines 2022-23

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan has issued instruction regarding Method of KV Admission in Class I and other admission process in KV Admission Guidelines 2022-23

Method of KV Admission in Class I

Out of the available seats of fresh admission 25% shall be reserved for Right To Education (Hereafter referred to as ‘RTE’}, 15% shall be reserved for SC, 7.5% shall be reserved for ST and 27% seats shall be reserved for “OBC- Non Creamy Layer”. (Hereafter referred to as “OBC-NCL”)

After admission of students under RTE Act followed by Differently Abled (Hereafter referred to as ‘DA’), the children belonging to Cat-1 will be taken up. The students admitted under Cat-1 will also include SC/ST/OBC-NCL. Similarly, after admission of Cat-1, admission of Cat-2 will be tal<en up which will include SC/ST/OBC-NCL (up to Cat-3 in case of Project/IHL School)

The shortfall in the number of candidates on seats reserved for SC, STand OBCNCL will be worked out after considering the number of SC/ST/OBC-NCL children admitted under RTE quota and Priority Cat-1 and Cat-2.

Reservation in KV Admission 2022-23 for Class I

The reservation norms shall be applicable within approved class strength 40 students per section

RTE 25% :  10 seats
SC 15% :  o6 seats
ST 7.5% : 03 seats
OBC 27% : 11 seats

(3% seats for the differently-abled applicant would be reserved horizontally)

KV Admission Sequence of Lottery

After closing of process of registration, the sequence of conduct of lottery by each Kendriya Vidyalaya will be as under:

(a) RTE Lottery
(b) All DA Lotteries
(c) CAT I
(d) CAT II
(e) SC
(f) ST
(g) OBC
(j) CATV
(k) CAT VI (If applicable)
(I) Single Girl Child (Hereafter referred to as ‘SGC’)

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The following sequence is to be adopted for the fresh admissions to Class-I in Kendriya Vidyalayas.

(I) First Lot: 10 seats (out of 40 seats) in Class I per section are to be filled as per RTE Provisions (25% of seats) and these 10 seats will be filled by draw of lots from all applications of SC/ST/EWS/BPL/OBC (Non-Creamy Layer) /Differently abled taken together who are the resident of Neighbourhood.

(II) Second Lot: Lottery for Differently Abled candidates of SC/ST/OBCNCL/Unreserved is to be conducted as per Priority Category.

(III) Third Lot: Remaining seats (after deducting RTE and Differently Abled applicants, if any) will be filled as per the existing Priority Category of Cat-1 and Cat-2 (Cat-1 to Cat-3 in case of Project/IHL KV) only up to the sanctioned strength or till all the registered candidates from Cat-1 and Cat-2 (Cat-1 to Cat-3 in case of Project /IHL KV) is filled.

(IV) Fourth Lot: – The total number of SC/ST/OBC-NCL will be counted from the admitted summary of RTE, DA, Cat-1 and Cat-2 (Cat-1 to Cat-3 in case of Project/IHL KV) admissions done till third phase.

Thereafter, the shortfall-in the seats reserved for SC/ST/OBC-NCL, if any, shall be covered by admitting
SC/ST/OBC-NCL applicants as per the order of priorities of admission, irrespective of sanctioned strength.

(V) Fifth Lot: – After all these processes, if sanctioned strength is not filled and seats are vacant, applicants from Priority Cat-3 (Cat-4 in Project/ IHL KV) onwards will be taken up for admission as per existing priority list for unreserved seats only.

The unfilled leftover reserved seats of RTE/SC/ ST/ OBC (NCL) should be kept vacant.

KV Admission Notice 2022-23

(VI) Filling of leftover vacant reserved seats, in case adequate number of candidates registered online are not available: For filling unfilled quota of reserved seats for RTE/SC/ST/OBC, a separate advertisement is to be given, in the month of April, as per schedule of Admission by the concerned Kendriya Vidyalaya, for offline registration of the candidates belonging to that particular category only to fill the shortfall of reservation quota. The candidates thus registered offline may be admitted based on their Priority Category to fulfil the shortfall of reservation quota. Even after going through the above exercise, if these seats remain vacant, then the following procedure may be adopted:

(a) In no case the seats reserved as per RTE will be de-reserved.

(b) In case of vacant seats ofSC/ST: SC/ Sf seat should be filled after interchanging the seat as per the availability of registered candidates from the available SC/ ST social category priority list i.e. vacant SC seats may be filled with ST or vice versa, only if total SC and ST candidates admitted taken together fall short of total reserved seats of SC and ST taken together. This aggregation may be obtained by counting all the admitted SC and ST candidates of all the categories e.g. in a single section KV total SC and Sf seats are 9 (6 SC + 3 ST). Now suppose 8 SC and 1 ST is already admitted and there are no more ST candidates available to admit, in this case these 2 seats of ST will not be given to SC as already 9 SC/ ST candidates have been admitted. Clarification: OBC seats cannot be interchanged with SC/ST or RTE.

KV Admission in case of Vacant seat of OBC

(c) In case of vacant seat of OBC:

(i) Within the sanctioned strength: After going through the process mentioned in para 4(vi) still reserve seats for OBC (NCL) are unfilled, it may be filled with remaining waitlisted eligible candidates from Priority Categories within approved class strength.

(ii) Over and Above the Sanctioned Strength: No action is to betaken.

(d) The definition/ eligibility criteria of Disadvantaged Group/Weaker Section/BPL/OBC (Non-creamy layer) will be as per the notification of the concerned State Governments. (The-DC KVS RO Concerned may issue guidelines regarding BPL/ EWS as per the latest notification of the concerned State Governments).

(e) Admission test will not be conducted for Class I.

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