Railway Board : Processing of Settlement cases for staff working in Construction Units


F.No. PC-VII/2021/HRMS/18

New Delhi, dated: 07.03.2022

The General Managers
All Indian Railways /PUs
(As per standard mailing list)

Sub: Processing of Settlement cases for staff working in Construction Units – reg.

With respect to the processing of retirement cases in Construction Units of Railways, detailed policy guidelines have been issued vide Board’s letter No. 2019/AC-II/21/7 dated 27.09.2019 (RBE No.91/2019) (copy enclosed).

2. Item No. 2 of these guidelines envisages that in the case of Officers/Staff retiring from Railway Organizations who are not authorized to do final settlement, their settlement should be done by the Railway/Unit where the Officers last worked prior to their transfer to such organization. Accordingly, all settlement cases of Staff/Officers retiring from Construction Organization are being done by Divisional Accounts/Head Quarters Accounts (as the case may be) where the staff last worked.

3. Therefore, in order to bring uniformity across Indian Railways, it is advised that the processing of settlement cases of retirees from Construction Units of Railways may be carried out by single Bill Unit/ Account Unit through Settlement Module of HRMS in accordance with Board’s instruction dated 27.09.2019.

(M.K Gupta)
Executive Director, Pay Commission-II
Room No-152-B, Railway Board
Tele: 011-47843120
Email: [email protected]

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