Timely processing of pension/family pension & qualifying service cases under CCS (Pension) Rules 2021

No. 40-03/2022-Pen(T)
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Telecommunications
(Pension Section)

516, Sanchar Bhawan
20, Ashoka Road, New Delhi
Dated. 7th March 2022


Subject: Timely processing of pension/family pension and qualifying service cases as per the procedure and time frame provided by CCS (Pension) Rules 2021- reg

Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare has notified CCS Pension Rules 2021 vide Notification No.38/3/2017-P&PW(A) dated 20″ December 2021 and published as GSR No.868 (E ) in Part-II, Section 3, Sub Section (i) of the Gazette of India, dt 20 Dec 2021. They shall come into force with effect from the date of their publication in the official gazette.

2. CCS pension Rules 2021 have already been circulated to all concerned for information and necessary action, vide Pension Section’s OM No.36-03/2019-Pen(T) dated 24.01.2022, available on web site of DoT.

3. A set of New Pension Forms and Formats as per CCS Pension Rules 2021, required to be submitted by the retiring/retired Govt servants, has been uploaded on website of DoT. Same are also attached herewith.

4. Further, an OM No.36-03/2019-Pen(T)(ii) dated 01 st June 2021 has already been issued to all concerned for adherence of time limits prescribed for processing of pension cases to avoid delays. Keeping in view the fact that CCS(Pension) Rules 2021 provides for more stringent timelines for payment of Pension/family pension/Gratuity/provisional pension/provisional Gratuity and also provides for payment of penal interest on arrears of delayed payments of pension/family pension/gratuity along with provisions for fixing of responsibility for administrative delays, therefore all the concerned offices are requested again to take necessary action as under:

a. Timely submission of updated Service Books and other documents/order to concerned Pension Sanctioning Authority so that pension and family pension cases could be settled as per procedure and time limits laid down in Rule 53 to 70 and Rule 71 to 78 of CCS Pension Rules 2021. In superannuation cases, Service Books must be sent to Pension Sanctioning Authority, 01 year prior to date of retirement. In all other cases of Retirement, the Service Books and intimation regarding same, must be sent to Pension Sanctioning authority within 05 days of retirement. Further, Service Books and intimations along with requisite documents in respect of Government servant who dies or goes missing while in service should be reported within 02 days to Pension Sanctioning Authority so that family pension could be settled as per timelines provided by CCS(Pension) Rules 2021.

b. List of govt servants due to retire in next 15 months is required to be updated on 1 # of every month and informed to Pension Sanctioning authority.

c. Timely identification of employees due for issue of verification of qualifying service on completion of 18 yrs of service & on being left with 5 yrs of service before superannuation and submission of their Service Books along with service verification details to Pension Section for further processing in terms of Rule 30 of CCS Pension Rules 2021.

d. As per the provisions of Rule 30(5) of CCS Pension Rules 2021, a report by 3° January of each year is to be submitted to the Secretary giving details of the Government servants who have been issued certificate of qualifying service during the preceding calendar year and reasons for not issuing the certificate in the remaining cases. As such timely administrative action is imperative so that Qualifying Service Certificate could be issued as per provisions of Rule 30 of CCS Pension Rules 2021.

e. Timely administrative action is required in respect of provisions contained in Rule 7 to 10 of CCS(Pension) Rules 2021.

f. Timely administrative action is also required by concerned administrative authorities in different classes of pension as per provisions prescribed in Rule 33 to 41 and pre mature/voluntary retirement as per Rule 42 to 43 of CCS Pension Rules 2021, so that pensionary benefits could be settled without delay.

g. Any nominations for the payment of Gratuity or any form regarding details of family of a government servant for the purpose of family pension required to be made or given by the Govt servant under the old pension rules but not made or given before the commencement of CCS(Pension) Rules 2021 shall be made or given in accordance with provisions of CCS(Pension) Rules 2021.

h. Further, cases pertaining to authorization of Pension/family pension pending before commencement of CCS Pension Rules 2021 shall be disposed of in accordance with provisions of old Pension Rules 1972.

i. Copy of DoPPW OM No.12(9)/2020-P&PW(C )-6450 dated 23rd Feb 2022 regarding clarifications in respect of Rule 62 of CCS(Pension) Rules, is enclosed.

5. The above instructions are brought to the notice of all concerned for information and compliance.

This issues with the approval of competent authority.

(Neha Singh)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India
Ph. 011 2303 6213

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