Non-disbursal of pension for the month of March 2022 on account of life certificate  

भारत सरकार / Government of India
वित्‍त मंत्रालय, व्‍यय विभाग
Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure
केन्‍द्रीय पेंशन लेख कार्यालय
Central Pension Accounting Office
त्रिकूट-II भीकाजी कामा प्‍लेस
Trikoot-II, Bhikaji Cama Place
नई दिल्‍ली-110066 / New Delhi-110066

CPAO/IT&Tech/Bank Performance/37 Vol.III A/15


Office Memorandum

Subject: Non-disbursal of pension for the month of March 2022 on account of life certificate-reg.

It is observed in last few days that series of references are being received from pensioners/family pensioners that they have not received payment of pension for the month of March, 2022 due to non-submission of life-certificate.

However, the pensioners/family pensioners informed that they have submitted their life certificates in their respective bank branches. It is noticed that bank branches are not updating their respective CPPCs regarding the status of life certificates. This is purely an internal matter of the bank. It is a matter of grave concern that the pensioners/family pensioners are suffering because of the lack of internal coordination of bank branches and CPPC.

Therefore, you are requested to look into the matter and provide the following information-

1. Number and name of pensioners whose pension for March, 2022 was not credited by bank.
2. The reason of non-disbursal of pensions for the month of March, 2022.
3. Number of cases where family pensioner has submitted life certificate to bank branch but pension not credited.
4. Number of pensioners/family pensioners who have submitted life certificate and number of pensioners/family pensioners who have not submitted the life certificate.

The above information may be submitted positively by 1300 hours tomorrow, i.e. 20th April, 2022 (Wednesday). Your early reply is highly appreciated.

This issues with the approval of the Chief Controller (Pension).

(Dr. N. Shravan Kumar)
(Controller of Accounts)

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