Qualification Grant(PCDA) – ADVISORY NO. 28



O/o PCDA(Q) Pune, Public Relation office PRO

Subject: Qualification Grant

Your kind attention is invited to the remarks against Sr No. 20 of Appendix B to Gol, MoD letter No. 1(16)/2017/D(Pay/Services) dated 18/09/2017 relating to the recommendations of Seventh Pay Commission on Allowances/ Concessions in respect of Officers/JCOs & ORs of the Army Wherein it has been stated that the courses of Qualification Grant (Higher Qualification Incentive, (HQT) was to be reviewed by 31/12/2017.

However, revised list of courses for grant of Qualification Grant (Higher Qualification Incentive) has still not been received along with rates applicable for admittance & payment.

Meanwhile, it has been intimated by DGMT, MT-10, IHQ of MoD(Army) vide letter No. A/63088/GS/MT-10 dated 03/04/2018 that ‘List of courses for Qualification Grant notified vide Gol, MoD letter No. A/63088/GS/MT-10/795-C/D(GS-II dated 25/06/2010 is under review post 7th CPC recommendations and that Govt. Sanction letter (GSL) will be issued shortly. Further it has been requested by DGMT, MT-10, IHQ of MoD(Army) that till the time fresh GSL is issued, Qualification Grant may be admitted to Officers as per entitlement as per category mentioned in letter Gol, MoD No. A/63088/GS/MT-10/795-C/D(GS-II) dated 25/06/2010.

Further it has been reaffirmed by DGMT, MT-4 vide their letter No. A/25037/JC/Gen/GS/MT-4/2020 dated 10/01/2020 that the case is being processed by TRIPAS with MoD, New Delhi on behalf of 3 Services.

3. Accordingly, pending receipt of reviewed/revised list of courses for Qualification Grant (Higher Qualification Incentive) at revised rates, Office of PCDA(O), Pune is admitting Qualification Grant at the extant rates i.e. as prescribed as per Sixth CPC orders vide MoD ‘letter dated 25/06/2010.

This is for your kind information please.

This is issued with kind approval of PCDA (QO), Pune.


Jai Hind

Encl: As above

(Smt Arati Ray Chaudhury, IDAS)


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