Clarification on Report Death and Initiate Family Pension functionality available on SPARSH portal

Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions)
Draupadi Ghat, Allahabad- 211014

No. EDP/58/CPP/2022

Date:- 02/05/2022

To ,

1. The RO/PAO
2. The ORO
3. The HOO

Subject: Clarification on “Report Death” and “Initiate Family Pension” functionality available on “SPARSH” portal.


While examining the outstanding and stuck up cases of family pension, it is noticed that the intended beneficiaries are not selecting the correct functionality to report death and initiated family pension. Two of such requests are “Report Death” and “Initiate Family Pension”, where appears to be confusion in use of these functionality i.e. which one to be used in case of death of pensioner.

2. Service request “Report Death” and “Initiate Family Pension” are available to family member of a pensioner as a non registered user.

a. “Report Death” request is intended to be uses.

(i) To report death of pensioner for grant of family pension in favour of spouse.
(ii) To report death and after approval of same to raised request to initiate family pension by family member other than spouse.
(iii) When there is no person available to claim family pension and pension has to be stopped.

b. “Initiate Family Pension” request need to be used for reporting following and to claim family pension by subsequent beneficiaries simultaneously.

(i) Report death/ disqualification of present pensioners and claiming family pension.
(ii) Report remarriage of widow.
(iii) Report non support of dependent by existing family pensioner.

3. The documents required for initiation of family pension by spouse in sparsh is death certificate of deceased. Updation of bank account details along with declarations on remarriage/ employment (for other than spouse) undertaking of recovery etc. are available on screen which has to be confirmed/ completed by the beneficiary / claimant while submitting “Initiate Family Pension” request.

4. It is therefore requested that “Report Death” and “Initiate Family Pension” should be used for purpose as stated above. The step wise flow of functionality is attached here with as Annexure for guidance purpose.
CDA(P) has seen.

Encl. As above

(Himanshu Tripathi)
Dy. CDA(P)

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