DOP – Assessment of Remotely Managed Franking Machines

Government of India
Ministry of Communications,
Department of Posts
(PO Division)

Dak Bhawan. Sansad Marg
New Delhi-110001

Dated 28.04 2022


1. All Chief Postmasters General / Postmasters General
2. Chief General Manager, BD Directorate / Parcel Directorate / PLI Directorate/ CEPT
3. Director, RAKNPA / Directors of all PTCs
4. Addl. Director General, Army Postal Service, New Delhi
5. All General Managers (Finance) / Directors Postal Accounts / DDAP

Subject: Guidelines for condemnation of Remotely Managed Franking Machines (RMFMs)- Reg.

Kindly find enclosed herewith the guidelines for the condemnation of Remotely Managed Franking Machines as Annexure-A.

2. It is requested to launch a drive for reviewing and condemning the RMFMs that are unserviceable and not fit for further use as per these attached guidelines.

3. This issues with the approval of Director General Postal Services.

Encl.: As Above

(Aparajita Mridha)

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