Issues in SPARSH Defence Pension Login

Many Defence Pensioners are facing some issues in SPARSH Defence Pension Login page

Due to non receipt of login ID and some other issues some Defence Pensioners are not able to login to the SPARSH Portal

The SPARSH Portal

The SPARSH portal is established with the objective of empowering a Defence Pensioner with regard to his pension account. This is a step towards disinter-mediation of services. This portal ensures that the pensioner is in control of his pension account right from the time he applies to avail his pension. A person who’s pension is due is on boarded on the portal at the time of processing of his pension claim.

The Pensioner is allotted a unique account number once his digitised audited pension claim is ready for forwarding to PCDA(Pensions) for issue of Pension Payment Order. The Pensioner is informed of this account number on the mobile number/email address furnished by him at the time of furnishing his pension claim which he can use to onboard on this portal.

Once the Service Record Holder and the corresponding Pay Accounts Office prepares the pension claim it is made available to the pensioner on the portal for verification. This process is called Pensioner Data Verification (PDV). PDV ensures that the pensioner has the final say with respect to the information furnished to the Pension Sanction Authority. The Portal also enables the pensioner to furnish the requisite declarations/ nominations/requests for commutation. The portal also provides the option to the pensioner to use enabled services for quicker processing of his requests and signing of declarations making his experience a truly paperless and hassle free one.

Facilities available in SPARSH

The SPARSH Portal provides the following facilities to the Pensioner

Identification and furnishing of Life certificate through Manual Certificate based process or Aadhaar Based Digital process.
Management of Pensioner’s Profile
Disbursement related services
Service Requests
Interactive Grievance Management

The Portal features a simple and user friendly interface which can be used by the pensioner . A mobile application has also been envisaged to access the services . The pensioner will be notified of events through his registered mobile/email address.

Login Issues in SPARSH

It is now noticed that many Pensioners are not able to login to the SPARSH Portal as they have not received Login ID or other issues.

Pensioners who have not received login Id or unable to login please register your grievance on this link

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