One way request transfer on an Out-of-Turn basis

RBE No.67/2022

(रेलवे बोर्ड RAILWAY BOARD)

No. E(NG)I-2018/TR/14
(E- File No. 3264512)

New Delhi dated 10.06.2022

The General Manager (P),
All Zonal Railways & Production Units,
(As per standard list)

Sub: One way request transfer on Out-of-Turn basis.

Ref: Board’s letter of even no. dated 17.09.2018 (RBE No. 139/2018)

Attention is invited to Board’s letter of even number dated 17.09.2018 (RBE No. 139/2018), vide which powers were delegated to General Managers who may accept request transfer of non-gazetted railway employees on out-of-turn basis in rare cases where NOC has been received from accepting Railway and have been approved by competent authority in the parent Railway. References are being received from some Zonal Railways seeking Board’s approval for extending this power in exceptional circumstances, even for such cases which are yet to be forwarded.

The matter has accordingly been considered carefully in Board’s office. In partial modification to Board’s letter RBE No. 139/2018, it has been decided that General Managers may also consider to forwarding of such cases of request transfer on out-of turn basis when exceptional circumstances so warrant its consideration.

(Sanjay Kumar)
Dy. Director/Estt .(N)
Railway Board
Ph. No.43658/01 1 – 23303658
E-mail Id- [email protected].

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