Rank Pay arrears- Army Officers

PCDA – Payment of Rank Pay arrears

Office of Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Officers)
Golibar Maidan, Pune – 411001

No. PSC. PM-2016-17

Date: 22-07-2022

HOK & K Area

( For Kind Attention : Maj Gen Ravi Murgan, AVSM)

Sub: Rank Pay arrears- Army Officers

Ref: Honourable Supreme Court Order dated 04 09 2012 and Implementation order vide MoD letter No. 34(6)2012-D(Pay/Services) dated 27/12/2012

Please refer to this Office earlier letter no. PSC/PM-2016-27 dated 04/03/2022 (copy enclosed).

2. In response to this letter a large no. of Army Veterans have forwarded their documents to this Office for Payment of Rank Pay arrears. Till date this Office has released payment of Rank Pay Arrears to 547 Army Veterans out of 5299 Cases. However appx. 4750 Army Veterans have still to be paid their dues.

3. Hence I earnestly request your goodself to help us to trace,

contact and guide the Army Veterans under sour command and control who have not been paid the Rank Pay arrears as per the directions and implementation order of Honourable Supreme Court Order dated 04/09/2012 and Implementation Order vide MoD letter No. 34(6)2012-D(Pay/Services) dated 27/12/2012 (Copy is being enclosed for your kind perusal. information and ready reference please). A copy of the Format is also enclosed for easy reference and submission.

4. As the issue pertain to the Veterans who have given so much tor the country it is imperative that they must be paid due regards, respect and perks without any further delay to ensure that the financial interests are safeguarded and payment ensured which is overdue and entitled. It is earnestly requested that the Army Veterans who are settled in your station and any other stations under your jurisdiction, command control and database may please be contacted with a request and advice to check our website of PCDA(O) and forward their applications alongwith connected documents. The complete list of all the affected aggrieved Officers is being enclosed herewith. Wide publicity and dissemination of the same may please be given through all means of communication viz. Correspondence address held with you, Veterans Mela, Whatsapp Group etc.

5. Soliciting your full cooperation and immediate help in this noble cause for which we shall remain highly obliged and ever grateful.

PCDA(Q), Pune has seen.

Warm regards.


Shri T. Satish Kumar. IDAS
Asst Controller of Def Accounts
(Post Superannuation Cell)

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