Reform in CPGRAMS Portal Version 7.0

Regarding the recent reforms carried out by DARPG in the CPGRAMS portal

Government of India (भारत सरकार)
Ministry of Railways (रेल मंत्रालय)
Railway Board (रेलवे बोर्ड)

RBA No. 45/2022

No. 20 16 /AC-II/21/2/CPGRAMS/ Vol.II(Pension)

09, September, 2022

Pr. Financial Advisors,
All Zonal Railways/PUs

Sub:- Reform in CPGRAMS Portal Version 7.0

Ref:- Board’s letter No. 2021/PG/6/ 1/DARPG/Policy on CPGRAMS dated 01.09.2022.

Please find enclosed a copy of the letter cited above advising the Zonal Railways/PUs and other stake holders regarding the recent reforms carried out by DARPG in the CPGRAMS portal and rolling out of upgraded 7.0 version of CPGRAMS. As can be seen, the existing time limit of 45 days for resolution of grievances has been reduced to 30 days and an outbound feedback call centre has also been set up to obtain feedback on the quality of grievance disposal from the complainants.

Since, it has been decided that the disposal process shall be reviewed at the Apex level i.e., “Secretary/RB” at senior officer’s meetings, utmost priority may be accorded in disposal of the grievances received in the office of PFAs and other allied Accounts Offices. Suitable mechanism for monitoring and disposal of cases in coordination with the concerned executive departments may be put in place and the system be reviewed at regular intervals to ensure prompt disposal of these grievances and the complainants are kept informed about the redressal of their grievance or otherwise, as the case may be.

It is advised that all concerned may be instructed to comply with these guidelines .

DA:As above

(Ajay Bartwal)
Joint Director Finance/CCA
Railway Board

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