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Satarkta Bhawan, G.P.O. Complex,
Block A, INA, New Delhi-10023
No. 022/VGL/029.
Dated. 08.09.22

Circular No. 20/09/22

Sub: Observance of Vigilance Awareness week 2022.

Theme: “भ्रष्‍टाचार मुक्‍त भारत-विकसित भारत”
“Corruption free India for a developed Nation”

1. the Central Vigilance Commission is the apex Integrity institution with the mandate to fight corruption and to exercise general superintendence over vigilance administration. The Commission employs a multi-pronged approach to combating corruption which incorporates preventive. punitive and participative vigilance measures.

An efficient and forward-looking vigilance administration fosters robust systems of governance that proactively proposes structural remedies that minimizes the possibility of corrupt practices. As an endeavor to foster an environment that instills a sense of integrity amongst the citizens of the country. the Commission encourages different stakeholders to collectively participate in different anti-corruption measures through different awareness programs.

2, Vigilance Awareness Week is one of the tools of the Commission in increasing public awareness about the perils of corruption. Vigilance Awareness Week is observed every year during the week in which the birthday of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (31st October) falls in. The Commission has decided that this year Vigilance Awareness Week would be observed from 31st October to 6th November, 2022 with the following theme:

“भ्रष्‍टाचार मुक्‍त भारत-विकसित भारत”
“Corruption free India for a developed Nation”

3. The observance of Vigilance Awareness Week. 2022 would commence with the taking of the integrity pledge (copy enclosed at the Annexure A) by public servants in the Ministries / Departments / Central Public Sector I:nterprises (CPSEs) / Public Sector Banks (PSBs) and all other organizations on 31st October, 2022 at 1100 hrs.

4. In a move towards inculcating the true spirit of participative vigilance, the Commission had earlier issued instructions detailing a three-month campaign period (16 August, 2022 till 15″ November, 2022) in which six different preventive vigilance measures were to be taken up as focus areas by all the Ministries / Departments and Organizations. The different Preventive Vigilance cum internal housekeeping activities to be taken up as focal areas by all the Ministries / Departments / Organizations include the following:

a) Property Management; :
b) Management of Assets;
c) Record Management;
d) Technological Initiatives comprising two parameters;

– Website Maintenance & updation;
– Identification of new areas for service delivery for customers / staff to be brought on online portal and initiation of steps for creating online platform:

e) Updation of guidelines / circulars / manuals wherever found necessary, and
f) Disposal of complaints outstanding as of 15/08/2022.

5. It is being seen that different organizations are carrying oul various activities in the focus areas enumerated above and it is desired that the same continues till the end of the campaign period. The works undertaken on each of these parameters should be submitted as per format by 9th December 2022. The format is reproduced as Format 1 ( A – F ) for the easy perusal of all.

6. All organizations are advised to conduct activities relevant to the theme that strives to bring about maximum public participation. It is imperative that all organizations should conduct different outreach programs that aim to sensitize the public about the need for transparency and integrity in public governance.

7, Activities to be conducted within the organizations may include the following: .

a. Employees may be encouraged to take e-pledge by visiting the website. Online “Integrity Pledge” is available at CVC’s website ( and can be accessed by all.
b. Conduct workshops/sensitization programs for employees and other stake holders on policies/procedures of the organization and on Preventive Vigilance measures.
c. Vigilance Study Circles may conduct different outreach and awareness programs.
d. Conduct various competitions such as debates, quiz etc. for the employees and their families on issues relating to anti-corruption.
e. Promote the concept of e-Integrity Pledge by persons with whom the organization deals with.

8. Outreach activities for public / citizens may include the following:

a. All Ministries / Departments / Organizations shall publicize Integrity Pledge amongst all employees, their families. vendors / suppliers / contractors / stake holders, students etc. to elicit wider participation. Integrity pledge for citizens and organizations enclosed at Annexure A and B.
b. Organizations may undertake activities such as walkathons, marathons, street plays etc. which have visibility and mass appeal across all strata of society.
c. Extensive use of social media platforms, bulk SMS / e-mails, WhatsApp etc. for spreading awareness. For different social media related initiatives, the social media handles of the Central Vigilance Commission may be tagged. (Twitter: (@CVCIndia: Facebook: CVCofIndia)
d. Organize grievance redressal camps for citizens / customers by organizations having customer-oriented activities. Similarly, vendor meets may be organized wherever necessary, through online mode or otherwise, whichever is more feasible.
e. Organize “Awareness Gram Sabhas” for dissemination of information regarding the menace of corruption and the different measures that the public can undertake to redress it, such as complaint portals, etc. As per past practice. Public Sector Banks need to conduct “Awareness Gram Sabhas” at the Branch level in at least two Gram Panchayats. Other organizations may also organize wherever possible. Indicative list of activities which can be conducted as part of “Awareness Gram Sabhas” is at Annexure C.

9, Selected Photographs / Media clips may be sent to the Commission by email at the address coordl-cve[at] Photographs and Media clips may be uploaded on departmental / organizational websites.

10. A report on the observance of Vigilance Awareness Week may be sent by all Ministries / Departments / Organizations to Central Vigilance Commission as per Format 2 by 9th December, 2022.

11. This notification is also available on the Commission’s website at

(P. Daniel)

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