Adoption and Implementation of Integrity Pact

Adoption and Implementation of Integrity Pact in Central Govt Organisations to promote transparency, fairness and competitiveness in public procurement activities

Implementation of Integrity Pact

केन्‍द्रीय सतर्कता आयाेग

सतर्कता भवन, जी.पी.ओ. कॉम्‍पलैक्‍स,
ब्‍लॉक-ए, आई.एन.ए., नई दिल्‍ली-110023
Satarkta Bhawan, G.P.O. Complex,
Block A, INA, New Delhi-10023

सं./ No… 015/VGL/091-529971

दिनांक / Dated… 11.11.2022

Circular No.-25/11/22

Sub: Adoption and Implementation of Integrity Pact.

Ref: (i) Commission’s Circular No. 05/01/22 dated 25.01.2022
(ii) Commission’s Circular No. 23/12/21 dated 20.12.2021

Central Vigilance Commission has found Integrity Pact (IP) to be an effective tool to promote transparency, fairness and competitiveness in public procurement activities. Hence Commission has recommended adoption of IP by Central Govt. Organisations.

2. Vide Circular No. 05/01/22 dated 25.01.2022, the Commission has issued detailed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for implementation of IP by the organisations concerned. As per Para 3.1 of the SOP, all the organisations who have adopted IP, are required to decide the threshold value above which the contracts would be covered under the IP. Further, in Para 3.10 of the SOP, it has been provided that the organisations are required to hold meetings of IEMs, on quarterly basis and if need be, more frequently also.

3. In order to assess the extent of implementation of IP, the Commission has desired that the CVOs of the organisations, who have adopted IP, may provide information regarding the meetings of IEMs conducted by them, along with details about the contracts covered under the IP.

4. The information may be provided to the Commission latest by 30.11.2022, in the format enclosed as Annexure-‘A’. The information may be forwarded either in hardcopy or through e-mail at the mail ID [email protected].

5. It may be noted for compliance.

(Rajiv Verma)

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