Allowances applicable to Central Govt Employees instructions

Dopt : Various Allowances applicable to Central Govt Employees

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training
ESTT.(Estt. Allowance)


(Dated 30 November, 2022)


Department of Personnel & Training has issued various instructions from time to time on various Allowances applicable to Central Government Employees. The essence of these instructions has been summarized in the following paras for guidance and better understanding.

1. Children Education Allowance (CEA)

Consequent upon the decisions taken by Government to implement the recommendation of 7th CPC, this department has issued an OM No. A-27012/01/2017-Estt.(AL) dated 17.07.2018. The salient features of CEA are:

(i) CEA/Hostel Subsidy can be claimed only for the two eldest surviving children.

(ii) The amount of CEA will be Rs. 2250/- per month per child.

(iii) The amount of hostel subsidy is Rs. 6750/- per month.

(iv) The reimbursement of CEA for Divyang Children of Government servant shall be payable at double the normal rate of CEA i.e. Rs. 4500/- per month.

(v) The rate of CEA would be raised by 25% every time the DA on the revised pay structure goes up by 50%.

(vi) The CEA and Hostel subsidy is admissible in respect of children studying from two class before class one to 12th standard.


2. Risk Allowance

(i) As per decision taken by the Government on the recommendation of 7th CPC rates of Risk Allowance were revised.

(ii) Risk Allowance is presently given to Central Government employees engaged in hazardous duties or whose work will have a deleterious effect on health over a period of time.

(iii) The Risk Allowance will not be treated as “Pay” for any purpose.


3. Night Duty Allowance (NDA)

Consequent upon the decision taken by Government on the recommendations made by 7th CPC on the subject following guidelines has been issued:

(i) Night duty will be defined as duty performed between 22:00 hours and 6:00 hours.

(ii) A uniform weightage of 10 minutes shall be given for every hour of night duty performed.

(iii) The ceiling of basic pay for entitlement of NDA shall be Rs 43600/- per month.

(iv) The hourly rate of NDA equal to [(BP+DA)/200] will be paid and the basic pay and DA for the calculation of NDA rates shall be the basic pay and DA prevalent as per 7th CPC.

(v) The amount of NDA will be worked out separately for each employee depending upon the basic pay the concerned employee is drawing on the date of performing the night duty.


4. Over Time Allowance (OTA)

Consequent upon the recommendations of 7th CPC as accepted by the Government, it has been decided that:

(i) “Ministries/Departments to prepare a list of those staff coming under the category of ‘Operational Staff’. Rates of Overtime Allowance not to be revised upwards”.

(ii) The following definition has been used to define Operational Staff: “All non-ministerial, non-gazetted Central Government Servants directly involved in smooth operation of the office including those tasked with operation of some electrical or mechanical equipment.”

(iii) The concerned Administration Wing of the Ministries/Departments will prepare a list of operational staff with full justification based on the above parameters for inclusion of a particular category of staff in the list of operational staff with the approval of JS(Admn.) and Financial Adviser of the concerned Ministry/Department.

(iv) The grant of OTA may be linked to biometric attendance.


5. Special Allowance Payable to Parliament Assistants

(i) As per the decision taken by the Government on 7th CPC recommendations to enhance the rates of Special Allowance payable to those wholly engaged in Parliament work during Parliament session by 50% from the existing levels of Rs. 1500/- and Rs. 1200/- payable to Assistants and UDCs respectively to the level of Rs. 2250/- and Rs 1800/-.

(ii) The allowance will be admissible at full rates for every calendar month in which the Parliament is in session for at least 15 days in that month. For month with shorter period, the allowance will be admissible half the rates prescribed for the full month.

(iii) No OTA shall be paid to Parliament Assistants for the calendar months in which the Parliament is in session.


6. Special Allowance for Child Care for Women with Disabilities

(i) For providing extra benefits to women employees with disabilities especially when they have young children and children with disabilities, it has been decided that women with disabilities shall be paid Rs. 3000/- per month on Special Allowance for child care. The allowance shall be payable from the time of the child’s birth till the child is two years old.

(ii) The above limit would be raised by 25% every time the Dearness Allowance on the revised pay structure goes up by 50%.



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