Validation of ECHS Membership of dependents by submission of Life Certificate

Eligibility documents by Primary Beneficiaries of ECHS

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B/49711-NSC/AG/ECHS/Gen Corr

27 Dec 2022

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All Regional Centres


  1. Please refer the following:-

(a) Central Organisation ECHS letter no B/49711-NSC/AG/ECHS/Gen Corr dated 06 Jul 22.
(b) Central Organisation ECHS letter no B/49711-NSC/AG/ECHS dated 27 Jul 22.
(c) Central Organisation ECHS letter no B/49711-NSC/AG/ECHS dated 26 Oct 22.

  1. A detailed procedure on Annual Validation of ECHS Membership of dependents (excluding Spouse) above 18 years was promulgated vide letters given at Para 1 (above). The online system ensures that the documents uploaded by the ESM/Primary beneficiary remain in the system based on which the decision is taken for approving or rejecting, the eligibility during Annual Validation. The system ensures a double check by forwarding rejected cases and under observation cases to be reviewed and final decision of rejection is taken by respective Director Regional Center.
  2. A number of representations have been received from the ESM/Primary Beneficiary that the Income status has changed since they last submitted their proof of income due to multiple reasons including wrong uploading of documents and are requesting that fresh provision to upload the documents be enabled. It is not feasible to incorporate any changes retrospectively hence now a third level of check, .€, second review at the level of CO, ECHS is being introduced. The details are given in the Succeeding paragraph.
  3. Cases Pending Approval. All pending cases for annual validation to be processed by respective, OIC Parent Polyclinic and Director Regional Center in accordance to the letters referred at Para 1 above based on the documents uploaded by the ESM /Primary beneficiary as on date.
  4. Action by ESM/Primary Beneficiary. The ESM/Primary Beneficiary will take following actions for their dependents whose online application for annual validation has been rejected by the respective Director Regional Centre –

(a) Submit offline application along with required self attested documents separately dependent wise excluding parents to MD ECHS through respective OIC Parent Polyclinic and Dir Regional Center.

(b) Submit offline application combined together for his/her parents giving out Status of mother and father duly deported with required self attested documents.

(c) Attach self attested additional supportive documents required as per letters given at Para 1 above.

  1. Action by OIC Parent Polyclinic. Process the application based on the eligibility criteria and forward to Dir Regional Center.
  2. Action by Dir Regional Center. The Director Regional Center will check the documents attached and compare it with the documents earlier uploaded in the system and give his recommendation and forward to MD (ECHS).
  3. Action at CO, ECHS. The application will be processed at CO, ECHS and decision will be communicated to the following: –

(a) ESM/Primary Beneficiary
(b) Dir, RC.
(c) OIC Parent Polyclinic.
(d) SDCPL, (Vendor).
(e) UTIITSL, (Vendor).

9, Action by SDCPL. The Vendor will upload the letter issued by Central Org in the System and unblock the card from the date it was blocked for one year. Then the cards will be reactivated in the cycle of yearly validation.

  1. Special Exception for White Card Holders. Consequent to the issue of policy on Annual Validation of ECHS beneficiaries. many parents of the white card holders under PwD Act 2016 have taken suitable actions to withdraw investments in the name of the white card holders to ensure that the income of the white card holder beneficiary in future will be below the threshold of Rs 9000 per month excluding DA on any salaried income. Keeping this in view a one time exception is being granted for a period of two years from the date of issue of this letter for all white card ECHS beneficiaries wherein following actions to be taken at various levels :-

(a) Beneficiary. Submit an offline application along with proof of withdrawal of investments in the name of white card beneficiaries which will result in their monthly income being below the ceiling limit of Rs 9000 per month, in order to allow continued membership in ECHS.

(b) Polyclinics. OIC Polyclinics will Satisfy themselves about the white card holders meeting the income criteria and fwd the application to Director Regional Centre.

(c) Regional Centre. Directors Regional Centres will also satisfy themselves that the applicant white card holders meet the income criteria and fwd such applications after scrutiny to Central Org ECHS.

(d) CO ECHS. Central Org ECHS will examine the documents and take action to approve the membership of such white card holders who meet the income criteria in view of the withdrawal of investments in the name of White Card Holders. Once approved, membership of such cases will be extended for one year in the system. For next annual validation such cases should continue to have income less than INR 9000 (excluding DA) for the period of preceding one year. Subsequently after two years all such beneficiaries should be able to provide Form 26 AS for a period of proceeding two consecutive years showing income less than the income ceiling for ECHS membership.

  1. For necessary action pl.

(Anupam Agarwal)

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