Agitational programme for scrapping of NPS & restoration of OPS

Scrapping of NPS and restoration of OPS

1st Floor, North Avenue PO Building, New Delhi – 110001

No. Confd./NJCA-2023

DATED : 09.01.2023


Dear Comrades,

A meeting of NJCA along with constituent organizations of National Council JCM and other organizations of Central/State Government Employees, Autonomus bodies and Teachers Organization was held at AIRF Office, New Delhi on 07.01.2023 to discuss and decide a serious agitational programme for scrapping of NPS and restoration of OPS.

After a detailed discussion it was decided to hold One National Convention at New Delhi on 21.01.2023 at Pyare Lal Auditorium, ITO New Delhi in which the final programme of action and resolution will be passed.

Before that on 12th January – 2023, it was decided to organize public awareness programme by holding Gate Meeting at all offices and wide publicity through Main Media and Social Media.

All Confederation Office Bearers, Chief Executives of Constituent Organizations and General Secretaries of State COCs are requested to organize 12th January-2023 programme and take part in National Convention alongwith some office bearers,

Comradely yours,

Secretary General

Source: Confederation

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Agitational programme for scrapping of NPS & restoration of OPS
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