Revised format for requisition of Laptop

Requisition of Laptop/ Notebook

No: IT-11/7/2022-ADGIT3
Government of India
Ministry of Communication
Department of Telecommunications
(IT Division)

Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi-110001
Dated 15.02.2023


Sub: Revised format for requisition of Laptop – reg.

Laptop/Notebook to the eligible officers in DoT are being provided in accordance with Department of Expenditure OM No: 08(34)/2017-E. I(A) dated 20/02/2018 and OM No: 03(16)/2021/E-IIl. A dated 30/11/2021. The format for requisition of laptop /notebook have been revised and further, requisition shall be entertained in the revised format only.

Therefore, it is requested to submit the requisition of Laptop/ Notebook etc. in the revised format.

This is issued with the approval of DDG(IT).

(Pooran Chand)
Director (IT)

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