Regularization of Income Tax for FY 2023-2024

Assessing & regularization of Income Tax for the F.Y- 2023-2024

Regularization of Income Tax for FY 2023-2024

Government of India
Ministry of Defence
Controller of Defence Accounts, Guwahati

No. AN/III/019/OIT/2023-24/Vol-XII

Dated: 07/03/2023



The Officer-in-Charge,
(All section of M.O & All sub-office)

Subject: Assessing and regularization of Income Tax for the F.Y- 2023-2024: DAD

For the purpose of assessment and regularization of Income Tax for the Financial Year 2023-2024 (Assessment Year 2024-2025) all the officers and staffs are requested to submit a “self Declaration” stating the module of Tax deduction chosen (‘existing tax regime’or ‘ new tax regime’).

i. Where the official chooses tax deduction as per OLD module, the self declaration must reflect a summary of all the Proof of savings documents viz. insurance premium receipt, NSC, Infrastructure Bond, PPF Bank statement, Housing Loan Certificate from Bank, rent receipt, copy of House owner’s PAN card etc should be produce as per Annexure I and II (enclosed).

ii. Any Officers and staffs claiming exemption of Income Tax under IT Act 1961 under section 197 who have not forwarded the Exemption Certificate for Fy. 2023-24 from Income Tax Department are advised to do so at the earliest; failing which total Tax payable will be deducted at source and Tax refund if any should be claimed only from IT Department. In this connection it is also stated that exemption allowed will be limited to the amount of salary and period of exemption mentioned in the Income Tax Department. Any amount exceeding the amount mentioned in the Certificate and any salary drawn prior or after the period mentioned will be liable for tax deduction. Moreover, the said certificate must pertain to TAN of CDA Guwahati, i.e. SHLC00100C.

The above mentioned documents must reach this office on Email of this section (anpaycdaguwahati[.]dad[@]hub[.]nic[.]in) on or before 16 March 2023, so that this office can able to commence deduction of Income Tax for the F.Y 2023-24 as per liability on an average basis from the salary of March 2023.

In case the declaration is not received by the stipulated time; or the choice of module is not duly mentioned in the declaration, the individual shall be deemed to have opted for the deduction of Income Tax as per the existing module.

(R .N Sarkar)
Dy. Controller (Admin)

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