Setting up of NPS oversight mechanism – PCDA

NPS Oversight Mechanism

Sector-9, Chandigarh-160009

FC/II/NPS/Oversight Mechanism

Dated: 28/03/2023


  1. Smt Neelu, IDAS, Addl. CDA, AAO(Pay) Delhi,
  2. Smt Manjeet Kaur, IDAS, JCDA, AAO(Pay) Jalandhar,
  3. Sh Gaurav, IDAS, DCDA, AAO(Pay) Pathankot
  4. Sh Ram Singh, IDAS, DCDA, Pay Section (local)
  5. Col Bahadur Singh, Est Officer, HQ 11 Corps/ HQ 91 Sub Area
  6. OOC (A) SK Pandita, HQ 2 Corps/ HQ PH & HP(!) Sub Area/ 33 FAD
  7. Col Pardeep Singh Karki, HQ Delhi Area
  8. Col Gaurav Thakur, SC,OC Tps, HQ 21 Sub Area
  9. Col Pardeep Alug, SSO, Hars 9 Corps/Stn HQ Jammu
  10. Lt. Col. DK Singh, SSO, HQ 9 Corps/Stn HQ YoI.
  11. Sh. Kesang Pasang, AE(Civil), AAD(Adm) HQ CE WC CHM

Sub: Setting up of NPS oversight mechanism

Ref: HQrs Office letter No NPS-CORR/12/2020-NPS dated 24.03.2023

Please refer to the Hqrs letter cited under reference, under which the Hqrs has proposed a meeting through VC on 05.04.2023 (Wednesday) at 11:00 hrs under the chairmanship of Sr. Dy. CGDA (NPS) on the subject mentioned above. All the members of NPS Oversight Mechanism Committee formed in each PCDA/CDA are requested to attend the meeting.

  1. In order to apprise all the members of NPS Committee of PCDA WC, of the present status of PCDA WC in r/o Agenda points(enclosed as Annexure A of the letter cited under reference) of HQrs meeing, quarterly meeting of NPS Oversight Mechanismof PAOs and DDOs under PCDA(WC) Chandigarh is also scheduled to be held on 29.03.2023 (Wednesday) at 03:00 PM through video conference for deliberation on present status in r/o agenda points, of the months January 2023 and February 5023. under the chairmanship of PCDA.
  2. Therefore, all the memebers are requested to join both the meetings at the scheduled time. The links for the same will be sent to you vial email/whatsapp separately.
  3. All members of the committee are requested to keep their data ready for discussion in the meetings for their respective Pay Accounts Office.
  4. Agenda Points of both the VCs are enclosed as Annexure A.

(M.P Mandan)
Asst. Controller

Annexure A

Agenda Points of the VC

  1. Delay in submission of monthly contribution.
  2. Non-availability of nomination and contact details viz. mobile number and e-mail in PRAN for NPS benefits.
  3. Implementation of e-NPS for generation of PRAN.
  4. Pending Grievances at portal.
  5. Differences in number of PAOs mapped under Pr. AOs and number of PAOs who are uploading contribution.
  6. Issue of flagged PRAN.
  7. Cancellation of SCF uploaded by PAOs.
  8. Issue of NIL Credit PRAN as seen in
  9. Miscellaneous.

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