Selection for promotion in Driver Cadre in RPF/RPSF

Guidelines to conduct the selection for promotion in Driver Cadre in RPF/RPSF

भारत सरकार
रेल मंत्रालय (रेलवे बोर्ड)

No. 2021/Sec(E)/PM-3/1

New Delhi, dated: 05.04.2023

Principal Chief Security Commissioner/RPF
All Zonal Railways, RPSF, ICF, CLW, RCF, KRCL, CORE, RDSO

IG (Con)-ECoR/NR


Sub: Guidelines to conduct the selection for promotion in Driver Cadre in RPF/RPSF.

In exercise of the powers conferred under Section 21 of the RPF Act, 1957, RPF (Amendment) Rules, 2021 have been notified and circulated to all concerned vide Railway Board’s letter No.2018/Sec(E)/PM/3/24 Pt. 1 dated 03.08.2021.

Amended Schedule-IV of RPF Rules, 1987 (as amended in 2021) provides for selection for promotion to the post of Head Constable (MT), Assistant Sub-Inspector (MT) and Sub-Inspector (MT) in RPF/RPSF.

Guidelines for the conduct of selection for promotion to the post of Head Constable (MT), Assistant Sub-Inspector (MT) and Sub-Inspector (MT) for Driver Cadre in RPF/RPSF are as under:

  1. Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria for selection for promotion in Driver Cadre is prescribed in Schedule-IV of RPF Rules, 1987.

  1. Nomination of Nodal Officer:

DG/RPF shall nominate a Nodal PCSC/IG/CSC/DIG or Dy.CSC (whoever applicable) who will supervise the entire selection process and co-ordinate with other PCSCs in order to ensure timely, transparent and smooth conduct of selection.
Nodal PCSC/IG/CSC/DIG or Dy.CSC shall fix a common date for issuing notification by all Zones.
Instruction of Nodal officer related to selection shall be binding for all zones.

  1. Composition of Departmental Promotion Committees (DPC): Nodal PCSC/IG/CSC/DIG or Dy.CSC shall nominate members of the committee as prescribed in RPF Rules, 1987 on the basis of suggestion received from DG/RPF. In addition to the members of DPC, there shall be an expert to be co-opted in the DPC, who should be of higher rank to the post for which selection is being conducted. The expert may be co-opted from RPF/RPSF or Mechanical Department of Railway.
  • One of the members of the DPC should belong to SC/ST community.
  • None of the members of the DPC should be directly subordinate to another member of the said committee.
  • The senior most member of the DPC shall act as the Chairperson. However, the responsibility will devolve on all members of the Departmental Promotion Committee jointly and severally.
  • In every DPC at least one of the members should have working knowledge of Hindi/ Rajbhasha
  • Nodal PCSC/IG/ESE/DIG or Dy.CSC may nominate suitable officers as Members of the DPC from any Zone/RPSF in consultation with DG/RPF.
  • Members of the Departmental Promotion Committee shalt record a certificate that none of their close relation is under consideration for promotion neither do they have any interest in any of the candidates. Close relation in this context would mean parents, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and nephews/nieces, aunts/uncles, cousins & relative by marriage of the first order.
  1. Assessment of vacancies:

(i) The number of vacancies, for which selection is to be made shall be calculated in accordance with Rule 70.4 of RPF Rules, 1987 and will be based on roster points in the register earmarked for this purpose.

(ii) Under Rule 70, all the candidates are to be called for the selection who have already completed and are completing the residency period prescribed for that post within the next 12 months from the date of nomination of DPC, subject to the condition that they shall be promoted only on the date of completion of residency period of that rank & also on the basis of the availability of vacancy, DAR & Vigilance clearance. However, under Rule 72 all the candidates shall have to complete the residency period on the date of notification.

(iii) Vacancies are to be assessed correctly. Inflation of vacancies would invite disciplinary

  1. Mode of selection: The DPC may conduct written test in offline mode on the basis of a Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Test. Candidates qualifying the MCQ test shall be considered for assessment of Service Record. MCQ Test will be conducted by an agency hired for this purpose.
  2. Engagement of Agency to conduct MCQ Test:
  • Nodal PCSC/IG/CSC/DIG or Dy.CSC in consultation with Chairman DPC shall engage a reputed agency for conducting MCQ Test, having past experience of working with Government departments/RRB/RRC. Due process as mentioned in Railway Board’s letter No. 2021/Sec(E)/PM-01/1 dated 21.10.2021 may be followed for finalization of agency. Chairman DPC shall finalize modalities of terms & conditions and procedure with the nominated/selected agency and make an agreement accordingly. In case of any doubt about the fairness of hired agency, the investigation will be conducted, After the allegations are established, the hired agency will be blacklisted.
  • Financial implication for holding MCQ test and other activities regarding selection shall be processed and arranged by the Nodal PCSC/IG/CSC/DIG or Dy. CSC. The finance of Nodal Officer will be deemed as the associated finance for this purpose. The expenditure incurred on MCQ test and other process shall be shared by all zones proportionately in accordance to the vacancies of the zone.
  1. Application by the Candidates:
  • Before applying for promotions under Rule 72, candidates shall assess their suitability for the subject selection in accordance to the extant rules.
  • For promotions under Rule 70, eligible candidates shall submit their unconditional willingness/unwillingness for the said selection.
  • The mode of application shall be offline.
  1. Centre of MCQ Test: Chairperson DPC shall decide the centre/centres as per number of candidates.
  2. Identity of candidates: The list of applicants, who are found eligible to appear for selection shall prepared by the Zonal Railways and forwarded to the Chairperson DPC. The Chairperson shall consolidate the list and forward to the agency for allotment of Roll Numbers. List of candidates, on a proforma prescribed by Chairperson DPC, shall be circulated by concerned PCSCs at Post level and shall also be uploaded on Zonal Railway’s website. The list of candidates should have column for Name and UIN of the candidate, date of appointment, date of enlistment, zone and other relevant information like number of chances availed till date, etc. All candidates shall bring their Official photo identity card, in addition to the command certificates, bearing their signature for identification, to prevent impersonation. It shall be the responsibility of concerned PCSC to ensure that all candidates are provided with official photo identity cards in addition to command certificates bearing their signature authentication when they come for MCQ test.
  3. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Test:
  • The MCQ examination shall be of 90 minutes duration. Date and timing of MCQ test in all zonal railways shall be same. If in any zone, number of candidates cannot be accommodated
  • in One test centre, two or more centers should be engaged.
  • Venue and timing of the MCQ test shall be fixed in consultation with the hired agency depending upon the number of candidates.
  • The hired agency shall make all the logistic arrangements including CCTV recordings.
  • The Nodal Officer shall nominate RPF officers not below the rank of Sr. Scale to act as Observer at examination centre. The Observers may take one Group ‘C’ ministerial staff of his/her choice as Supervisor to assist him/her during MCQ test.
  • All the officers nominated as Observer as well as Supervisors shall submit a certificate that none of their family members/close relations are appearing for the said selection and that they have no interest in any of the candidates.
  • An attendance sheet for all the candidates appearing in the MCQ test shall be prepared which shall carry the signature of the candidates and the invigilators. Attendance taken will be shared with PCSCs in due course.
  • The entire sequence of the events in the MCQ test shall be video graphed/recorded on CCTV cameras as evidence for future record.
  • The Observer shall ensure that the candidates do not take any book, paper or electronic device which may be used as an unfair means into the examination hall.
  • Any candidate, invigilator or any other personnel of RPF found using / helping anyone to use unfair means or indulging in any other misconduct shall be dealt under the Discipline and Appeal Rules.
  • No candidate will be allowed to enter the examination hall beyond the stipulated timenotified by DPC.

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