Delegation of Powers to CAO/Con for construction projects

Simplifying process of Construction projects



New Delhi, dated 26/04/2023

The General Managers, Indian Railways.
The Director General, RDSO, Lucknow.
The General Manager, CORE, Allahabad.
CAOs (Const).
CAO, MTP/Mumbai.

Sub: Delegation of Powers to CAO/Con for construction projects.

Ref: i) Model Schedule of Powers, 2018
ii) Board’s letter No. 2022/F(X)II/PW/1 dated 10.05.2022
iii) Board’s letter No. 2022/F(X)II/PW/3 dated 20.07.2022
iv) Board’s letter No. 2022/F(X)II/PW/1 dated 10.04.2023

Vide Board’s letter at reference (iv) above, powers were delegated to CAO/C organization on certain items including ‘Air travel on duty’ (Item No. 47 H of SOP, Part-C Miscellaneous Matters).

  1. Clarification has been asked by one of the field units regarding Finance concurrence for sanction of air travel on duty for various officers.
  2. In order to further simplify the matter, it has been decided to modify the above item as indicated in Annexure of this letter.

(Ajeet Kumar Srivastava)
Executive Director Finance (Exp.)
Railway Board

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