Implementation of closure of Railway printing presses

Closure of Railway Printing Presses

रेलवे बोर्ड/RAILWAY BOARD

No. 2017/RS/Ptg.&Sty./AP/PP/IR

New Delhi, dated : 03.05.2023

The General Managers,
All Indian Railways.

Sub: Closure of Railway Printing Presses.

Ref: i) Railway Board’s letter No.2018/RS/Ptg.8&Sty./AP/PP/IR dated 04.06.2019,
ii) Railway Board’s letter of even number dated 27.01.2022.

Closure of five printing presses located at (i) Byculla-Mumbai (CR), (ii) Howrah (ER), (iii) Shakurbasti-Delhi (NR), (iv) Royapuram-Chennai (SR), and (v) Secunderabad (SCR), as communicated vide letter dated 04.06.2019 (Ref. i) was deferred temporarily till the end of March’2023 vide Board’s letter dated 27.01.2022 (Ref. ii).

  1. It has now been decided to close these printing presses.
  2. Broad guidelines for implementation of closure of the presses are as below:

i) Released staff to be re-deployed suitably.

ii) All Machines, plants, etc. available in these presses should be disposed of by the concerned Zonal Railway in a manner so as to derive maximum value for money.

iii) Printing of PRS and UTS tickets as well as money value items should be outsourced to Trade (IBA/RBI approved Security Printers) till complete digitization of ticketing systems and money value items.

iv) Traffic Commercial Directorate/Railway Board should take action to digitize all the ticketing systems including PRS and UTS tickets and also all money value documents in time bound manner.

v) The land released should be gainfully utilized.

  1. This is issued with the approval of Railway Board (CRB & CEO, M/TRS, M/O&BD and MF).

(Gaurav Kumar)
Director RS(F)

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Implementation of closure of Railway printing presses
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