Disbursement of Railway Pension through Private Sector Banks

RBA No. 16 /2023 – Railway Pension through Private Sector Banks

Government of India
Ministry of Railways
Railway Board

RBA No. 16 /2023

No. 2010/AC-II/21/10/Pt IV

New Delhi, dated 15.5.2023

Pr.Financial Advisors,
All Zonal Railways & PUS

Pr. Chief Personnel Officers,
All Zonal Railways & PUs

Sub:- Disbursement of Railway Pension through Private Sector Banks.

Ref:1.Board’s Letter No. 2021/AC-II/9/2/e dated 18.02.2022(RBA No. 12/2022) and No. 2010 /AC-II/21/12(pt) dated 23.02.2022 (RBA no. 14/2022),

  1. Letter No. 2018/AC-II/21/2/ARPAN dated 12.05.2022 (RBA No. 29/2022)

Please connect Board’s letters cited above conveying the preparedness of Axis Bank and HDFC Bank for processing of e-PPOs issued by Railways. Now, ICICI Bank has also confirmed that the bank has completed all technical modalities in this regard. Railway Pensioners can now opt for drawal of pension from ICICI Bank.

The retiring employees may, therefore, be advised accordingly.

(Ajay Bartwal)
Joint Director Finance/CCA
Railway Board
Email ID: ajay. bartwal [at] gov.in
Ph No. 011230470

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