All Central Govt Employees Must Mark Attendance Using AEBAS

DoPT has issued strict instruction to all departments that all Central Govt Employees must mark attendance using AEBAS without fail.

DoPT Order dated 23.6.2023 regarding marking Attendance Using Aadhar Enable Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS)

F. No.11013/13/2023-Pers. Policy-A.III
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training

North Block, New Delhi
Dated 23rd June, 2023


Subject: Instructions regarding implementation of Aadhar Enable Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS) for attendance of all Government employees, by various Ministries/Departments/Organizations

During a recent review of the implementation of AEBAS, it has been observed that a large number’ of Government employees posted across Ministries/ Departments/ Organizations of Government of India, despite being registered and active over AEBAS, are not marking their attendance using the System and as such, are not adhering to the instructions contained in DOPT’s OM No. 11013/9/2014-Estt(A-III) dated 21.11.2014 and 28.01.2015

Marking of attendance over AEBAS had remained suspended for a large period of time, during the spread of COVID19. Vide its OM dated 31.01.2022, this Department instructed that biometric attendance shall remain suspended till 15th February, 2022 or till further orders, whichever is earlier, and consequently, marking of attendance through AEBAS automatically resumed since 16.02.2022. However, it has been observed that many Ministries/Departments/Organizations have not yet resumed the use of AEBAS for marking of attendance of their employees.

All Central Govt Employees Must Mark Attendance Using AEBAS

Taking a serious note of the inattentiveness/laxity on the part of Ministries/Departments/Organizations and the employees (who are not marking attendance despite being registered and active), it has been decided that:

i. Ministries/Departments/Organizations (MDOs) shall ensure that the employees posted there mark their attendance using AEBAS without fail;

ii. Immediate steps would be initiated by the Ministries/Departments/ Organizations for registration of biometric data in AEBAS in respect of their employees;

iii. In respect of Divyang employees, Ministries/Departments/Organizations will make appropriate arrangements for providing easily accessible machines at lower heights or at their desks and for capturing biometrics through Face Recognition Machines;

iv. MDOs shall also verify the information provided by the employees for AEBAS to ensure that the same is correct and updated;

v. The concerned NIC Wings/Units shall provide information/attendance data including any discrepancy in Registered and Active Users to their Ministries/Departments concerned to ensure that employees mark their attendance on AEBAS.

vi. Ministries/Departments shall ensure that the biometric machines remain functional at all times; and

vii. HODs of the Ministries/Departments/Organizations shall periodically monitor the marking of attendance to ensure punctuality and sensitize their employees to adhere to the instructions relating to office hours, late attendance etc. Habitual late attendance and early leaving of office should be viewed seriously and essentially discouraged and action against the same may be initiated under the extant GOI rules.

All the Ministries/Department/Organizations are, therefore, directed to adhere to the instructions contained in Para 3 of this OM and also to bring this to the notice of all the concerned for proper implementation of AEBAS.

(Umesh Kumar Bhatia)

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