Pension Planning Mastery 2023 : Check Your Pension Process Road Map for Stress-free Retirement today

Check Your Pension Process Road Map for Stress-free Retirement

Pensioner Portal has designed a tool to verify your Pension Process Road Map for Stress-free Retirement. You will be asked to enter your Date of Birth, Date of Appointment and date of retirement and the tool will display the Pension Process Road Map right from entry into service

Check the following details to succeed in Pension Planning Mastery

Upon Entry Into Service

Service Book in prescribed Format to be maintained to record every step in your official life. It must contain Family Details and Nominations for Retirement/Death Gratuity and GPF.

Every Year

You must check your Service Book so as to verify correctness of entries made therein.

After Eighteen Years Of Service

Issue of Service Verification Certificate of your Qualifying Service by Head of Office.

Five Years Before Retirement

Verification of your Qualifying Service, five years before retirement by Head of Office.

One Year Before Retirement

1. Head of Office should write to Directorate of Estate for issue of No Demand Certificate in respect of period of preceding eight months before the date of your retirement, in case you occupy or occupied Govt. Accommodation

2.In case of employees who have never occupied government accommodation, No Demand Certificate should be issued by the Administrative Authority concerned.

3.List of persons retiring in next one year is sent to the PAO by Head of Office.

Not Later Than Eight Months Before Retirement

Head of Office will issue you a certificate regarding length of Qualifying Service proposed to be admitted for purpose of pension and gratuity and as to emoluments and average emoluments for purpose of reckoning of retirement gratuity and pension for your acceptance. Head of Office will issue you Form 5 for completion.

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Not Later Than Six Months Before Retirement

You may submit objection with reason and relevant documents for non acceptance of qualifying service/emoluments communicated to you by Head of Office.

You may submit Form 5 duly completed in all respects to the Head of the Office. You may also exercise your option for commutation of pension in Form 5.

Not Later Than Three Months Before Retirement

Head of Office shall ensure completion of Part-I of Form 7 and he shall forward the pension papers to the PAO.


Not Later Than Three Months Before Retirement

You may apply for commutation of pension in Form I-A to the Head of Office (if not applied for in Form 5) for onward transmission to the PAO. You may please ensure that your DDO has stopped making GPF recoveries in your case.

Not Later Than Two Months Before Retirement

Head of Office shall communicate to the PAO, Govt dues recoverable from DCRG in your case.

One Month Before Retirement

After checking of your Pension case received from your Head of Office, Pay & Accounts Officer shall issue PPO & authority for Gratuity.

Verification of PPO

As soon as you receive your PPO, please verify the pensionary awards notified in the PPO for their correctness as per extant rules. In case of any correction(s) required in the PPO, please contact your Head of Office/Pension Disbursing Agency for necessary action in this regard.

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