Retired Officials eligible for Promotion to be included in the Zone of Consideration of DPC – DoPT OM Dated 12.2.2024

DoPT vide its OM dated 12.2.2024 stated that Retired Officials eligible for Promotion to be included in the in the Zone of Consideration of DPC

Retired Officials eligible for Promotion-DoPT OM Dated 12.2.2024

No.22011/1/2023-PP (D—Promotion)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training

North Block, New Delhi
Date : 12.02.2024

Subject : Procedure to be followed by the Departmental Promotion Committee with regard to retired employees — reg.

In supersession of this Department’s OM of even No. dated 11.12.2023 on the subject mentioned above, attention is invited to this Department’s O.M. No. 22011/4/2013-Estt.(D) dated 08.05.2017 which stipulates that Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) is to be convened in advance and the steps, as per the Model Calendar, need to be completed so that the approved select panels are ready on the date of commencement of the vacancy year. Further, from 2019 onwards, a uniform calendar year wise vacancy year is being followed.

In spite of these instructions, this Department has been receiving references of inordinate delay in conduct of DPCs depriving officials the opportunity of promotion as by the time the DPC is held, some official(s) in the original zone of consideration, would have already retired from Government service. This Department has been impressing upon Ministries/Departments and Cadre Controlling Authorities, from time to time, to ensure strict compliance of these instructions.

In the context of the extant instructions contained in the aforesaid O.M. No. 22011/4/2013—Estt.(D) dated 08.05.2017, the provisions of para ‘3’ of this Department’s O.M. No. 22011/4/98-Estt.(D) dated 12.10.1998 have been reviewed in consultation with the Department of Legal Affairs. It has now been decided to modify para ‘3’ of OM dated 12.10.1998 as follows :

Retired Officials also to be included in the Zone of Consideration of DPC

“3.1 In spite of clear instructions, where DPCs could not be held as per the schedule prescribed in the Model Calendar, for whatever reasons, though vacancies arose in those year(s) and where the DPC meets at a later date to consider regular vacancies which arose in the earlier vacancy year(s), the DPC would, in terms of para 6.4.1 of this Department’s O.M. 22011/5/85— Estt. (D) dated 10.04.1989, continue to make year-wise panel for each of the vacancy years.

Further, the DPC would in such cases, continue to consider all eligible officials falling in the original zone of consideration as per the number of vacancies reported for that particular year, including those who have since retired as on the date of the DPC

3.2 The DPC while recommending the panel for promotion for each vacancy year(s) would however, not include names of any retired person(s) who are not in a position to assume charge of the promotional post as and when promotion orders are issued. The DPC would according/y make a note in the minutes to this effect that they have considered to the extent required all those eligible for promotion, as per the original zone of consideration for that vacancy year, including those who have since retired out are recommending the names of only those who are in the position to assume charge of the promotional post.

It would neither be necessary to include the name of a retired person in the panel for the sake of completing the panel nor would it he in order to consider his/her junior against that vacancy in the relevant vacancy year. Resultantly, such vacancy for which the DPC did not recommend a name would be treated as an unfilled vacancy.

3.3 The vacancies so rendered unfilled would be carried forward and added to the vacancies ofthe next vacancy year. This process would be repeated for the next and subsequent vacancy years for which the DPC is being held together. ”

4. These instructions shall be applicable from vacancy year 2024 Le. from 1.1.2024 onwards.

5. All Ministries/Departments are requested to bring these instructions to the notice of all concerned.

Deputy Secretary

All Ministries/Departments of the Government of India.

Copy to :

  1. President’s Secretariat/Vice President’s Secretariat/Prime Minister’s Office/ Supreme Court/Rajya Sabha Secretariat/Lek Sabha Secretariat/ Cabinet Secretariat /UPSC/CVC/ C&AG/Centra| Administrative Tribunal (Principal Bench), New Delhi.
  2. All attached/subordinate offices of the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions.
  3. The Secretary, Staff Side, National Council (JCM), 13-C, Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi.
  4. All Staff Side Members of the National Council (JCM).
  5. PS to MoS(PP) for kind information of Hon’ble MoS(PP)/P50 to Secretary (P).
  6. NIC [for uploading this OM on the website of DOPT under OMs/Promotio n].
  7. Hindi Section, DoPT for Hindi Translation.

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