7th CPC recommendation on Minimum Pension for JCOs and ORs

7th CPC recommendation on Minimum Pension for JCOs and ORs

Minimum Pension for JCOs/ ORs

10.2.21 The Services, in the JSM, have sought enhancement of the Service Pension to 75 percent of last drawn reckonable emoluments for JCOs and ORs. In case enhancement of pension to 75 percent of last drawn reckonable emoluments is not granted for JCOs/OR, the Services have sought a compulsory early retirement compensation package or compulsory lateral absorption in government or PSU as an alternative.

Analysis and Recommendations

10.2.22 Service pension for all categories of employees has been fixed at 50 percent of the last pay drawn. The recommendations in relation to pay of both the civilian and defence forces personnel will lead to a significant increase in the pay drawn and therefore in the ‘last pay drawn’/‘reckonable emoluments.’ It is also to be noted that in the case of defence forces personnel, in particular all JCOs/ORs, the last pay drawn includes the element of Military Service Pay, which is also taken into account while reckoning pension. The Commission has also recommended an increase in Military Service Pay. The increase in pay and MSP will automatically and significantly raise the level of pension of JCOs/ORs, since pension is related to the last pay drawn/ reckonable emoluments. Therefore the Commission does not recommend any further increase in the rate of pension for JCOs/ORs.

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3 thoughts on “7th CPC recommendation on Minimum Pension for JCOs and ORs”

  1. no arrear in r/o prop is credited am I not eligible for that. jc191842 retired 31.8.93 basic 10701 as per 6th cpc

  2. Ex Airmen H Konwar

    Hi, Mr Paul, I gone through your blog. I appreciate you.Wishing you very good health and Life.

  3. we only ask and use forces when there is crisis. some braves sacrifice their lives without thinking much about their near and dear ones. it’s routine life for the soldiers. at that time we used to weep for them and their family from our drawing room with a cup of tea in our hand in front of our TV set. the very next day we used to forget them. it’s our good habit to forget them and keep our life forward.
    soldiers are doing their jobs pretty well no Indian have any doubt about it. at the time of giving them some good thing we used to forget again their jobs. we mix them with their civil counter part.
    we again forget that a mistake of a civilian can loose his job at maximum where as a silly wrong step of a soldier can cost his life with out doing any mistake.
    please don’t mix up both. a soldier’s job is a matter of pride.
    let us feel them.

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