7th CPC Recommendations on Entry Pay in Pay Matrix

7th CPC Entry Pay in Pay Matrix

7th CPC Explanation on Entry Pay in Pay Matrix

5.1.18 Prior to VI CPC, there were Pay Scales. The VI CPC had recommended running Pay Bands with Grade Pay as status determiner. The Seventh CPC is recommending a Pay matrix with distinct Pay Levels. The Level would henceforth be the status determiner.

5.1.19 Since the existing pay bands cover specific groups of employees such as PB-1 for Group `C’ employees, PB-2 for Group `B’ employees and PB-3 onwards for Group `A’ employees, any promotion from one pay band to another is akin to movement from one group to the other. These are significant jumps in the career hierarchy in the Government of India. Rationalisation has been done to ensure that the quantum of jump, in financial terms, between these pay bands is reasonable. This has been achieved by applying ‘index of rationalisation’ from PB-2 onwards on the premise that with enhancement of levels from Pay Band 1 to 2, 2 to 3 and onwards, the role, responsibility and accountability increases at each step in the hierarchy. The proposed pay structure reflects the same principle. Hence, the existing entry pay at each level corresponding to successive grades pay in each pay band, from PB-2 onwards, has been enhanced by an ‘index of rationalisation’ as shown below in Table 4: [ SEE TABLE. No.4 ]

In the existing system no entry pay has been prescribed at the level of GP 5400 (PB-2). Therefore a logical figure has been interpolated here based on the fitment table issued by Government of India post VI CPC recommendations.

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5.1.20 While a carefully calibrated gradation has been adopted as the levels progress upwards, it would be seen that two levels, corresponding to GP 8700 and GP 10000 witness a slight departure.

i. In the existing system there is a disproportionate increase in entry pay at the level pertaining to GP 8700. To address this, the proposed increase at this level has been moderated.

ii. In so far as GP 10000 is concerned, this represents the Senior Administrative Grade, which carries a significantly higher degree of responsibility and accountability. Further, the levels of SAG and above are those which are involved in policy formulation.

iii. Hence, in recognition of the same, the entry pay pertaining to GP 10000 as well as that of HAG and HAG+ has been enhanced by a multiple of 2.72.

iv. The Apex pay of Secretary/equivalent and pay of Cabinet Secretary/equivalent has been fixed by applying indices of 2.81 and 2.78 respectively. The rationalised entry pay so arrived has been used in devising the new pay matrix.

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  1. Indra mohan Rabha

    The 7th CPC recomendation is not justifiede for lower grade employees. To the lower grade staffs sallary hike is low and the higher grade is higher hike. So its very poor recomendation.

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