7th pay commission recommends Nursing Allowance with no Change

7th pay commission nursing allowance

7th pay commission recommends Nursing Allowance with no Change

8.17.83 Nursing Allowance is the composite term used for four allowances granted to nursing personnel: Nursing Allowance, Uniform Allowance, Washing Allowance, and Messing Allowance, presently granted at the following rates:


Nursing Allowance 4800 Uniform Allowance 750 Washing Allowance 450 Messing Allowance 75 8.17.84 There are demands to increase the rate to three times its present value.

Analysis and Recommendations

8.17.85 The Commission is of the view that Nursing Allowance is already at an appropriate level. Hence, no change in the rate of Nursing Allowance is recommended. However, the rate of Nursing Allowance will go up by 25 percent each time DA rises by 50 percent.

8.17.86 Uniform Allowance and Washing Allowance have been subsumed in the newly recommended Dress Allowance for Nurses and will not be payable separately. Messing Allowance is petty in nature. It is recommended that it should be abolished.

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24 thoughts on “7th pay commission recommends Nursing Allowance with no Change”

  1. hello
    i just start staff nurse job in ahmedabad civil hospital post of staff nurse goverment. salery show in order letter . 5 year fix pay . 31500/- per month. my question is.
    1:- how much salery i get after 5 year.
    2:- can i get allowence for 5 year .
    3:- what increment after 5 year.
    4:- can i get greaduty for 5 year.

  2. Hello Aninday das
    We know very well how administrative staffs are working.
    They are telling 8hrs duty but doing only 4-5hrs by sitting only.
    They have many breaks like tea break -30 min, lunch break 1.30hrs n snacks break 30min to 1hr.
    But nurses are doing standing work without break OK. N u forgot about 12hrs of night duty. Come and do the night duty ,you will realize how nursing is.
    Office staffs are taking 1month or more to complete a file, if you will run after them also they will never be ready to listen also.
    Just think if nurses will take 1months to start a patient care, how the situation will be. Thank them if at least they are doing in same day which you can’t do.
    Moreover standard nurse patient ratio is not there.it should be maximum 6pt per nurse, but they are working for 25-30patients.
    Remember it If nurses are getting govt jobs, they are eligible for it OK. They are qualified in written n interview, after that they got,not in free.
    If someone is working in private, he/she is also trying for govt job.
    And private nurses also should get more salary according to their work, but due to bad administration only they are not getting much.
    Whether it may be private or govt,
    Nurses have rights to say about their problems OK, they are expressing their own problems ,they are not complaining about you. Who r you to criticize them?
    If you can’t help them, please shut up your mouth .

  3. Hello sir u telling about nurse duty hours, can u tell me night duty hours? U don’t know about that, simply don’t say only 6 hours. Who will do 12 hours in night. Can u image how to hendal patient and thire relatives night duty as well as day also…. Once day u or ur relatives may came around us to treatment, that time u will what value for nurses…. Plz don’t tell anything simply…

  4. Hello Mr. Anindya das we all know what administration staff are doing, how much hardship they are doing to help the people, it is seen all over in government departments. At least I would say the nurses are punctual in their duties, time of reporting etc. and especially for your information nurses are working in shifts, secondly nurses working in a infectious atmosphere not in AC offices, they have to works tirelessly standing for hours. Administration and Medical staff Doctor/Nurses/Attendant/Sweepers especially hospital staff, cannot be compared, even in engineering field Administrative staff and Technical Staff cannot be compared.
    Doctors, Nurses and other medical staff which are directly in contact with patients are soldiers who are fighting with the enemies of human body.
    You should first do the analysis of the your and nurses job first.

  5. hey anindhya das..*** did u see whether the nurses get paid what u have mentioned ,yes can u do a nurses job for 2 hrs i will pay u 10000 for 2hrs,there was lot in nurses job,u dont know about that

  6. Nurses are working efficiently even with poor health infrastructure . They are punctual .I don’t say Government has done nothing for Government Employee .. Mostly they focus on Doctor’s by providing them better salary,Better working environment,better Recreational facilities ….
    They see nurse as a doctor’s helpers.Many government Wards don’t have a nurse station or a proper Bathroom.They hesitate to provide attendants to help.On top of that they don’t even bother to supply ample opportunities for independent nursing Care…

  7. Nursing Personnel are the back bone of Health System.They Are rendering care to the Patient Honestly.Doctors preascribe medication and go But Nurses are the people all the time by the side of patient identifying the Need and intervening accordingly. They Not only Identify Health Need But Also social, Mental and spiritual Need of patients. Nothing Happens if Govt Pay More To Nurses They Deserve It ..

  8. Mr.anindya das have proved he is an administrator. I agree with him that few nurses are there who won’t work up to their full potential. And there are so many administrators who sit under the fan and AC in govt offices and take their salary home without doing work. But we the nurses will work hard in shifts spoiling our health and family relations so we need to be given care by the govt. And when it comes to the comparison with the private nurses its a very big gap between our and their salaries. Its just like double or sometimes triple the difference I feel bad for them and they work even hard than us. Their salaries also need to be revised. But it comes under the organisation and for that govt has to take an initiative.

  9. Don’t comment unnecessarily unless you re aware of the hardships faced especially the hospital management guy

  10. i also work in administration in a hospital.. i have seen that there are a large section of nurses who do not work.. at all.. a patient is dying in-front of them but they just dont care..
    how much more do the nurses need? i mean they have already been recommended for a 70000 salary.. still allowance !!?? for “this” and “that”
    besides a private hospital nurse gets 25 k around.. have you ever voiced for them ?
    your duty hour is for 6 hour..now honestly say do you work at a stretch for those 6 hours? i have seen nurses sleeping also.. now anyone is asked to leave the govt. and go to private will you? no because u know u are getting more than double than those people.
    last but not the least i am not generalising .. there are some nurses who work honestly but a large portions do not.. and 70000 is not a bad salary
    plus you get leave a plenty. and please you dont work 7 days a week ..u get a day off.. and 6 hours duty only not 8 hours like other staffs
    if you have so many problems with your job ..then just leave and switch it to some other … private ???
    no you wont.. coz you know you wont get any ..
    and so it has been a culture that agitation is a part of being a sarkari naukar!
    being a sarkari naukar too.. i feel some agitations have meaning .. but this time ur demand is just overrated!

  11. Ishwanti malik

    It is very difficult to digest the behaviour of government towards the nurses The NPA also increase proportionately with the increased of basic pay to the all who are entailed to getting NPA why it is not for nurses .perhaps the commission people not have any knowledge regarding nurse & responsibilities of a nurse .If they have the good knowledge then justify with nursing allowances & scale

  12. It’s really shameful that govt don’t recognize the struggle of nurses at work place

  13. Its really very disheartening ,,, on one side India want to purse world health standard on other it is unfair to the pillars of health care . The hazardous environment we work in government set up ,,as being the first and prolonged contact with patient with dangerous infection as HIV , HEPATITIS C and B , which not only endangers our lives but our family too. In case of outbreak of any disease we are the first contact with patient and family , which endangers our lives ,, with our prolonged night duties which are often hectic we land up in various health ailment as BLOOD PRESSURE and many more ,,, during our 8 hour to 12 hour shift we don,t even have time to have or meal and even to have a glass of water . In case of any unfortunate event as death of patient despite of our best what we can do we are the most vulnerable to physical and verbal violence . AND ALL THIS ARE ADDED WITH 1 NURSE TO 25 PLUS PATIENT RATIO IN GENERAL WARD , IN ICU MORE THAN 5 PATIENTS ,,,, AND NOW GOVERNMENT FEEL WE ARE BEING OVER PAID

  14. Rakesh verma

    nurses are accountable . but europe only recognise it. if it will go like this brain drain will not stop.

  15. why govt don’t think about us. We are working always in highly infectious feild. Direct contact to patients24/7.sometime we got infection. By long standing many disease we only acquired.In night duty walking in ward and by doing patients care, we don’t care when sun rises.we leave our home and give priority to our job. faith on govt they will think of us.coz we elected them but they break our trust.these r very genuine allowances which we demand but I don’t know why u people not thinking for that.

  16. all the leader and politician go to f**k. they just sit on chair and given order from fully AC hall and room. whey they hike salary for our department while every citizen of world know politician and leader of india only work for money they just want money. go to f**k and get money is easy job for you.

  17. wow, really interesting, Government is not understanding our work. only parliamentary work (chair war, shoes war) is work.

    India Is really great country.

    enjoy our leader.

  18. WHAT THE ****,Government has fooled us again.Union Health Minister has duped us .He said that he is going to recommend our demands to 7th CPC.But what have they given us zero.They are going to change our nomenclature but they are not treating us the same.
    Nurse’s have to work in shifts.They have to do night Duty but they don’t have the right to get Night Duty Allowance,We are providing direct care to the patient,but we don’t have the right to have Risk allowance,We have to work in research institute’s but we don’t have the Right to have Institute Allowance.Bravo…………And we nurse’s are satisfied with it……………………….cool……..Hail to New Era of Slavery…..Welcome & Congratulations to All Nurse’s……

  19. hike in salary is equal to nothing if we talk about working condition, timings and risk factors. inspite of getting doctorate degree in nursing, we are getting nothing that’s why retention of nurses in India is less. brain drain is there. gov’t should think over it.

  20. Very bad.how the nurses working in hospital pls come and notice.compare other. Be unique don’t be partiality. We r getting more risky life.

  21. There is a lack off nurse union. nurse have to work 24/7 hours without seating a minute have to fight ot ..emergency or opd but in India all government employee will get more hike but no changes for nurse even do after completed professional course…nurse union please show urs unity

  22. All allowances will hike 63%but nursing allowance is enough because they fulfill their job with responsibility 24hours 7 day In a week

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