Date of effect of 7th Pay Commission recommendations

Date of effect of 7th Pay Commission recommendations - Gservants News

Date of effect of 7th Pay Commission recommendations

The various associations of the JCM-Staff Side have demanded that the recommendations of this Commission should be implemented w.e.f. 01.01.2014. Their argument is that there has been substantial erosion in the value of wages owing to non-merger of DA, which has crossed the 100 percent mark in January 2014. They have also demanded wage revision after every five years, instead of the present decennial exercise.

However, it is to be noted that this Commission was constituted in year 2014, well before the completion of ten years since the implementation of the VI CPC recommendations, which were made effective on 01.01.2006. As a result, its recommendations would be available for consideration before the ten year period gets over on 01.01.2016. The Commission does not agree with the demand of early implementation of revised pay structure and recommends that the date of effect should be 01.01.2016

READ7th Pay Commission recommendations to be implemented in staggered manner

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8 thoughts on “Date of effect of 7th Pay Commission recommendations”

  1. Is joining compulsory for female employees who are on maternity leave on 1.1.2016 . will matermity leave affect their financial benefits

  2. agree with formula 7th cpc should implemented from 1-1-2014 since DA was 100% from that date

  3. Employees who are retired on superannuation with effect from 31-12-2015 must considered for the benefit of the seventh CPC because they all waited for 10 years and leaving with benefit from 7th CPC is unjustified. Hence, 7th CPC implementation / recommendation committee and Central Finance Ministry should consider.

  4. The date of birth for those retired on superannuation with effect from 31-12-2015, if happens to be 01-01-1956,they are also to be extended the benefits of the pay hike of the 7th CPC. Because they also waited for this CPC for the past 10 years.

  5. The employees who were born on 01-01-1956 will be disappointed, if they are not considered for the benefit of the seventh CPC because they are superannuated on 31-12-2015. Hence this needs to be viewed on humanity as well as sympathy. Instead of reckoning date of superannuation as the criteria for extending the benefits of seventh cpc, the date of birth can also be considered, as the cases may be very negligible.

  6. 1jan.1946 born employee deprived the sixth pay commission also .appropriat decision should be taken for the old employee also.

  7. employees who are having date of birth 1st Jan. are superannuated on 31/12/2015, hence, 7th CPC recommendations shall be made applicable to them also.

    Except 1st Jan. date of birth, all others (2nd Jan. to 31st Dec) are benefitting pay commission recommendations and it happens once in 10 years. All the ten years waited, leaving with out single paise benefit is highly injustified.

    Hence, all should think, see that 7th CPC benefits shall be extended to those who are having date of birth First Jan. and superannuated on 31/12/2015.

  8. I also think so because DA crossed 100% mark in January 2014 and I also agree that pay must be revised after every five years.

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