Facilities Available in Army Postal Service for Officers on deputation to APS

The Facilities Available in Army Postal Service for Group A and B Officers on deputation to APS is given below


Facilities Available in Army Postal Service

1.Equivalent Rank Structure in Army Postal Service at the time of induction

  • (a) IPoS Group ‘A’ Officers – HAG – Major General
  • (b) IPoS Group ‘A’ Officers – SAG – Brigadier
  • (c) IPoS Group ‘A’ Officers – JAG(NFSG) – Colonel
  • (d) IPoS Group ‘A’ Officers – JAG – Lieutenant Colonel
  • (e) IPoS Group ‘A’ Officers – STS – Major
  • (f) IPoS Group ‘A’ Officers – JTS – Captain
  • (g) PS Group ‘B’ Officers – 4 years & above service – Captain
  • (h) PS Group ‘B’ Officers – below 4 years of service – Lieutenant

2. IPoS Group ‘A’ gazetted service will be equated with full pay commissioned service for the purpose of fixation of Army seniority and will be eligible for further promotion.

3. PS Group ‘B’ gazetted service will also be equated similarly after deducting two years from it. The Officers in the APS are promoted on time scale as under :-

  • (a) On commissioning – Lieutenant (b) After completing 2 years service – Captain
  • (c) After completing 6 years of service – Major
  • (d) After completing 13 years of service – Lieutenant Colonel (e) After completing 26 years of service – Colonel (Time Scale)

4. Age limit and medical category

The Officers upto 45 years of age and in the medical category of SHAPE-1 are eligible to join APS.

Pay and Allowances

(a) Option to draw Army Rate of Pay with the following Grade Pay and Military Service Pay (MSP) of Rs 6000/- as per 6th CPC.

(i) Major General – Rs 10,000/- & PB-4 pay scale
(ii) Brigadier – Rs 8900/- & PB-4 pay scale
(iii) Colonel – Rs 8700/- & PB-4 pay scale
(iv) Lieutenant Colonel – Rs 8000/- & PB-4 pay scale
(v) Major – Rs 6600/- & PB-3 pay scale
(vi) Captain – Rs 6100/- & PB-3 pay scale
(vii) Lieutenant – Rs 5400/- & PB-3 pay scale
Civil rate of pay plus 12.5% Deputation Allowance on Basic Pay plus Grade Pay for the officers of the grade of JAG & above. Below JAG grade officers will get 20% Deputation Allowance plus Civil Pay.

(b) The Officer can exercise option at the time of commissioning and a further option on each occasion of promotion in Army rank to draw either Military Pay and Allowances or Civil Pay plus Deputation Allowance.

(c) Special Compensatory Allowances while serving in Field/Modified Field and Concessional Areas as admissible to Regular Army personnel are as under :-

SerAllowancesLt Col & above(Rs)Major (Rs)Captain (Rs)Lieutenant (Rs)
1Highly Active Field Area Allowance12600116401065010170
2Field Area Allowance7800720066006300
3Modified Field Area Allowance3000279025802400
4Counter Insurgency (Ops) Field Area117001080099009450
5Counter Insurgency (Ops) Modified Field Area9000831076207260
6Counter Insurgence (Ops) Peace7800720066006300
7High Altitude Allowance (9000- 15000ft)3180279019801590
8High Altitude Allowance (15000ft & above)4800420030002400
9High Altitude (Uncongenial climate Area)16800168001680016800
10Siachin Allowance21000210002100021000
11Special Compensatory (Remote Locality) Allowance (Part A)3900390039003900
12Special Compensatory (Hill Area) Allowance900900900900
13Island Allowance (More difficult area)25% of BP + GP*25% of BP + GP*25% of BP + GP*25% of BP + GP*
14Island Allowance (Difficult Area)20% of BP + GP*20% of BP + GP*20% of BP + GP*20% of BP + GP*

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