Latest news regarding 7th pay commission

Latest news regarding 7th pay commission

Sources close to the NCJCM told that the Government is reluctant in implementation of  Pay Commission recommendations. The govt wants to prolong this issue  until the NCJCM put down their demand to review and change the recommendations of 7th pay commission.

The NCJCM is said to be firm on its stand to settle the demands placed before the Government in respect of 7th pay commission issues and common demands. Due to the Election announcement in some states  the implementation of 7th cpc will be delayed further.

The way the committees are being constituted  shows that the work assigned to the committee will not be completed within three or four months time.

The national council JCM Staff side expressed its concern in the Meeting of Committee of secretaries, when they met on 1st March 2016, that some Departments have not even convened a meeting with Departmental Council  JCM to discuss the issues related to 7th pay commission recommendation. The committee agreed to give instructions to the concerned Department to hold meeting with  their Departmental Council JCM staff side.

The Empowered committee told NCJCM that sufficient time should be given to the Central government to consider and to take decision on the issues raised by NCJCM.

The NJCA met next day and decided to give the time to Central govt due to State Elections and postponed the proposed Indefinite Strike from 11th April to 11th July. And they informed its unions to serve the Strike notice on 9th June 2016.

That itself  clearly indicates that implementation of 7th pay commission recommendation will not take place before June 2016. This is the latest position of 7th cpc implementation.

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