Understanding the important Recommendations of 7th Pay Commission

Understanding the important Recommendations of 7th Pay Commission

We tried to narrate the following topics of  7th Pay commission recommendations  such way it can be understood easily by every one who read this. When ever new topic posted in website about important recommendations it will be updated here. so keep watching this page ….

7th CPC Salary Calculator

Basic Pension calculator as per 7th CPC Recommendation

Important 7th CPC Recommendations and illustrative examples

Easy steps to Calculate your 7th Pay Commission New Pay Scale

Pay Calculator for 7th pay commission after Gazette Notification

Easy steps to Calculate your Basic Pension in 7th Pay Commission

Calculation for Annual Increment in 7th Pay Commission

7th Pay Commission New Pay Structure or New Pay Metrix

The Shocking fact of Pay hike recommended by 7th Pay Commission

Vague News about implementation of 7th CPC recommendation is Posted in Internet

Clarification on Uniform Fitment Factor recommended by 7th Pay Commission

7th CPC Allowed Overtime Allowance (OTA)

Fixation of Pay for Normal Fitment in 7th Pay Commission Pay Scale

Bunching benefit in Pay fixation is recommended by 7th pay commission in some situation

Pay fixation for upgraded Scales and bunching benefits in 7th CPC

Pay fixation for the Post where its Grade Pay Upgraded by Seventh CPC

7th CPC recommendation for Pay Fixation on Promotion / MACP

7th CPC Recommends for withholding Annual Increments of Non-performers

7th CPC Recommended Transport Allowance (TPTA)

7th Pay Commission New Pay Structure or New Pay Metrix

Highlights of Recommendations of Seventh Central Pay Commission

7th CPC Fitment Formula and Pay Fixation in the New Pay Structure

7th pay commission recommendation on HRA

7th CPC Pay Structure for Defence Forces Personnel

7th CPC recommendations for Defence Pensioners

7th Pay Commission Defence Pay Matrix and Some Distinct Aspects of this Defence Pay structure

7th Pay commission Pay Matrix for Military Nursing Service (MNS) Officers

7th Pay Commission increased Military Service Pay (MSP)

7th Pay Recommendations on Increasing Additional Pension

7th CPC Recommendation on Enhancing Fixed Medical Allowance

7th CPC on Reduction of Restoration Period of Commuted Portion of Pension

Raising the existing rates of pension and Family pension : 7th CPC Recommendation

7th pay commission Recommendation on increasing Minimum Pension

Most disappointing recommendations – Confederation opinion about 7th CPC recommendations

10 thoughts on “Understanding the important Recommendations of 7th Pay Commission”

  1. It is not correct to dump the option-1 on the grounds that past service details are not available. Pensioners will have some record, especially the Blue Book, from which th epay scale in which they were drawing pay at the time of retirement and number of increments drawn by them will be available

  2. Md Salim Ansari

    Before increasing the minimum wages and table factor, the union should put pressure on govt to merge the pay of LDC and UDC. This is a genuine issue. Please don’t ignore this. It is my humble request and really this cadre has been deprived and socially tourchered as it was in British Rule. If nothing is done to this then very sadly I have to say that British rule was much better because the lower class employees were paid much better.

  3. Md Salim Ansari

    The post of LDC and UDC must be merged and upgraded because this post has been deprived for a long time. Our P.M. should directly intervene into it. It is a very serious and burning issue. Pl.do something

  4. 7 cpc recommends Rs.18000 minimum pay whereas JCM staff demands Rs.26000/- If the govt compromises then the min pay may be fixed at Rs.22000/-. Then the maximum to minimum pay ratio will be 11.36. How to implement this without much financial burden to the govt, it may be done as below:
    (a) Add Rs.1500/- to all the entry pays from level 1 to level 5
    (b) Add Rs.1000/- to all the entry pays from level 6 to level 10
    (c) Add Rs.500/- to the entry pays from level 11 to level 12
    Rest no change.
    For Eg: entry pay level 1, the basic pay will be (7000+1500)*2.57 = 22000(rounded off)
    Entry pay level 6 the basic pay will be (13500 + 1000)*2.62 = 38000 (rounded off)
    Entry pay level 12 the basic pay will be (29500 + 500)*2.67 = 80100

  5. It is very informative site all Govt.Servants. Each and every servant must thanks lot for this fruitful service.

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