Pay Fixation in 7th Pay Commission

Pay Fixation on 1.1.2016 in 7th Pay Commission

Though the 7th Pay Commission salary will be paid from 1st August 2016, the Pay panel recommendation has to be implemented with effect from 1st January 2016. So the pay as on 1-1-2016 would be revised as per the recommendation of 7th CPC.

Since the Fitment factor is fixed at 2.57 as of now, it should be multiplied with Basic Pay (Pay in the Pay band + Grade Pay) drawn as on 1st January 2016.

And then the figure arrived after multiplication with 2.57 to be placed in the nearest or equivalent Cells of the Level Corresponding to that Particular Grade Pay. This will be fixed as revised basic pay in 7th Pay Commission.

See the Pay Fixation Illustrations

Since the first salary in revised Pay will be paid for the Month of July, which is happen to be the Month of granting Annual Increment, the annual increment will be calculated in revised 7th CPC Pay. So this will give a boost to the salary in addition to 7th CPC increase.

Calculation for Annual Increment in 7th Pay Commission

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