Fixation of Pay for Normal Fitment in 7th Pay Commission Pay Matrix Scale

Various anomalous situations normally will arise when pay fixation for Revised Pay in New pay scale is being done.

So many different circumstances in one’s service will make the Pay fixation process difficult.

So the seventh Pay commission , in advance , illustrated some cases how the Pay fixation to be done.

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Pay fixation for Normal Fitment in 7th pay commission illustrated below

Ms. ABC is presently drawing a Basic Pay of ₹12,560 in GP 2400.

For Normal Fitment, her Basic Pay will first be multiplied by a factor of 2.57 and then rounded-off to the nearest Rupee.

In this case 12560 x 2.57 = 32,279.20, which will be rounded-off to ₹32,279.

She will then be placed in the Pay Matrix in the Level corresponding to GP 2400 (Level 4 in this case) in a cell either equal to or next higher to ₹32,279.

In this case, her salary will be fixed at ₹32,300

Fixation of Pay for Normal Fitment in 7th Pay Commission Pay Scale
Fixation of Pay for Normal Fitment in 7th Pay Commission Pay Matrix Scale

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1 thought on “Fixation of Pay for Normal Fitment in 7th Pay Commission Pay Matrix Scale”

  1. The doctors in central govt services are already scarce. In rural areas the situation is abysmal. The central pay commision is a guideline which most state pay commissions follow. The decrease in Non practicing allowance of doctors and the non applicability of non practicing allowance for calculation of HRA is a serious issue and will tilt the pay equation with private sector heavily in favour of the latter. In the next decade there may be an exodus of VRS elligible doctors from the already weak health system. There seems to be no effective organisation which deals about the problems of central govt. doctors and this compounds the issue.

    The IAS machinery is jealous of doctors and engineers as they were outperformed by these groups at the level of class 12th much before the IAS entry exam. They nurture the inferiority complex and try to avenge it at every level they can. Whatever, this pay commission adds little to the morale of employees, and demoralises the doctors in particular.

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