Procedure for Change of name by Govt employees

Procedure for Change of name by Govt employees 

DoPT has issued an OM for procedure to be followed for change of name by government employees

No. 19016/1/87-Estt(A)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training

New Delhi — 1, dated the 12 th March, 1987.


Subject: Change of name by Government employees Procedure for.

The Ministry of Home Affairs O.M. No. 60/274-48/Estts. Dated 3rd November, 1948 as amended vide O.M. No. 87/52-Estts., dated 24th March, 1952 lays down the procedure for a change of name by Government employees. The Government recently had the occasion to review these instructions in the light of experience in certain cases. It was found that the instructions are incomplete in so far as they do not cover certain situations. It has, therefore. been
decided to adopt the following procedure in supersession of all previous orders on the subject:

I — All cases of addition / deletion or change in name / surname;

(i) A Government employee wishing to adopt a new name or to effect any modification in his / her existing name may do so, formally by a deed changing his / her name. The sample deed form is enclosed.

(ii) The execution of the deed should be followed by publication of the change in a prominent local newspaper as well as in the Gazette of India at the Government employee’s own expense.

II – Addition / change in surname only, on account of marriage/ remarriage of a female Government employee.

The following requirements may be met for this purpose:

If the Government employee desires a change she should give a formal intimation to her appointing authority of her marriage and request For a change in her surname.

(i ) Particulars of the husband may be given for making necessary entries in the Service Book.

III – Deletion of surname or reversion to maiden name on divorce / separation or death of the husband of female Government employee.

Change may be permitted if a female Government employee gives:

(i) an intimation to the appointing authority regarding change in marital status; and

(ii) a formal request for reversion to her maiden name.

Note: – There is no prescribed form for items II & III.

2. Ministry of Agriculture etc. are requested to bring these instructions to the notice of all administrative authorities under their control for information and compliance.

(A. Jayaraman)
Director (E)

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7 thoughts on “Procedure for Change of name by Govt employees”

  1. Rajendra Vishwakarma

    How to fill up deed form, it is quite confusing and difficult to fill up. kindly help me out with the sample filled form.

  2. How to fill up deed form, it is quite confusing and difficult to fill up the same thing again and again.

  3. Subrata Ghosh

    I want to know who is the competent authority to accept change of name of the Central Govt employee.

  4. I want to know who is the competent authority to accept change of name of the PSU/Govt employee.

  5. Amaresh Datta

    I need more information on rules/ procedure for changing name/ surname by serving cent. govt. employee.

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