Top 10 Android Games for kids to Play in Holidays

Top 10 Android Games for kids to Play in Holidays

Try these Top 10 free Android Games for kids to play during these forced holiday period. This is not ranking of these games as theses games are listed here according to its popularity among kids

10. Mekorama

In the list of Top 10 free Android Games for kids this Mekorama stands at number 10. With its tiny isometric worlds, you spin with a finger, and landscape-flipping mechanics, Mekorama recalls Monument Valley. But this game has no Escher-like optical illusions; instead, it concentrates on straightforward path finding as you help an ambling robot reach its goals. Kids can get a huge skill of problem solving while playing this game.


It’s a charming, thoughtful, tactile experience, and on a tablet is suitable for parent/child play, with you working through the puzzles together. Once you’re done with the 50 built-in levels, you can download more from the internet, or make your own.

9. Lara Croft Go

This is a turn-based puzzle game that rivals titles like Monument Valley. The artwork is breathtaking, and graphics and incredible. It brings back the feeling of exploration and tension from the early Tomb Raider games – almost a sense of isolation, like being somewhere that no-one else has for a long time.

Lara Croft Go Top 10 free Android Games for kids - Gservants News

The game play involves a tiny puzzle at each step of the quest, as players figure out how to flip switches, turn levers and twist knobs to grab their loot, all the while trying to avoid being eaten by giant spiders

8. BadLand

Badland is listed in the Top 10 free Android Games. So, your kids played Flappy bird and rage-quit after realizing they were never going to make it past 7 seconds? You really need to give Badland a try. It’s beautifully animated and the gorgeous graphics are reason enough to download and play on a large screen, like a tablet. Simple, one-button control for this side-scrolling makes it walk the fine line of being too difficult and overly simplistic. Strategically placed checkpoints, along with multi player capability make this an ideal android tablet game for kids.

Badland is listed in the Top 10  Android Games

7. Fruit Ninja

In the fast-paced Fruit Ninja, your digit becomes a virtual sword, hacking pieces of fruit lobbed on to the screen in two, and attempting to avoid cutting into game-ending bombs.

Fruit Ninja

It’s ideal fodder for a tablet, since you can make pleasingly large swipes across the display. But also, the game offers local multiplayer, so two kids can zealously pit their fruit-sliDcing skills against each other.

6. Disney Crossy Road

Disney Cross Road is placed at no.6 in Top 10 Android kids Games. If you’ve player Frogger as a child, you owe this to your kids. Like an endless runner version of that game. All you have to do is tap and swipe your 8-bit character across rivers and weave through traffic. Since it’s a Disney title, there are retro, blocky versions of animated worlds and characters, including the perennial favorite, Toy Story.

Disney Cross Road is placed at no.6 in Top 10 Android kids Games

As far as kids’ games for android go, this is one title that we would recommend for younger kids to provide hours of entertainment, or to keep them occupied in their car-seat during long road-trips.

5. Swordigo

The story line in this title may not be highly creative, but the game-play is fantastic. It’s a nod to classic 8-bit gaming that has become popular lately. The platformer genre lends itself well to this type of game and while it’s challenging, it is also rewarding. Think of it as a sort of platformer interpretation of Zelda.


Players get to explore a magical realm of dungeons, towns, treasures and devious monsters. The touch controls are precise and optimized for smartphones and tablets.

4. Sago Mini Friends

This sweet-natured set of mini-games encourages creativity, dexterity, and puzzle solving. It starts with you selecting a colorful character, who then explores a neighborhood of cartoon houses.

Knock on a door and you’re invited inside for an animated, entertaining playdate. This might involve dress-up, hammering nails into a birdhouse, or enjoying a tasty snack.

Sago Mini Friends Top 10 free Android Games for kids - Gservants News

Everything’s bright and cheerful, and the game promotes empathy, with one friend looking glum if spoils aren’t evenly shared

3. Minecraft – Pocket Edition

There’s no doubt that several online articles have stressed upon the educational aspects of Minecraft – and we’re in agreement. A simplified comparison would probably be Lego, but Minecraft is also about puzzle solving and exploration as well. It’s a mix of RPG, adventure and strategy genres that has endeared itself to more than one generation. In survival mode, players mine deep into the world, crafting weapons and armor to protect against the dangerous mobs.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Younger kids can play in creative mode with unlimited resources to build whatever their imagination desires. So, while Minecraft may also be educational, kids love it because as a game, it’s awesome. That’s probably why adults love it too!

2. Asphalt 8

This successful franchise has always focused on fast, drift-happy racing action and this edition doesn’t stray too far from that formula. Players barrel around insane hyper-real city courses at breakneck speeds and launch into the air with satisfying regularity.

Asphalt 8 Top 10 free Android Games for kids - Gservants News

This is not the ‘accurate racing simulator’ approach to racing games – the focus here is on pure, unadulterated fun, even though it stretches physics and reality. Pro-tip: The full download is almost 2gb, so use a Wi-Fi connection when you install it.

1. Clash Royale

No game list this year can be complete without this great mash-up of real time strategy, and card collecting genres. A regular at the top-grossing charts, the game has players battle opponents in single-screen arenas. A worthy successor to Clash of the Clans, it adds interesting new elements, and a deeply intertwined collection and upgrade system to keep players coming back for more. Clash Royal a free game, and but there is always the temptation of in-app purchases.

Clash Royale Top 10 free Android Games for kids - Gservants News

Even so, smart players progress through the game for free, though a little slower. If you have your wits about you, your wallet will be safe. We can’t say the same about your time though!

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