Grade Pay Rs.4200 to MCM-Issuance of Order will be delayed

The sources close to the South Block told that the proposal approved by the Finance Ministry (Department of Expenditure) regarding granting Grade Pay Rs.4200 to MCM in Ministry of Defence, facing a surprising twist in its non ending long journey.

It has been told that all the three federations (AIDEF, INDWF, and BPMS) are opposing this proposal as it was not the same as they accepted in Fast Track Committee. Hence it is believed that the Defence Ministry now sent the file back to MOF for the approval of the proposal accepted in Fast Track Committee.

In the old proposal it has been recommended that there will be 4 Grade Structure, in which Skilled-45%, Highly Skilled II-20.5%, Highly Skilled I-20.5%and MCM will be 14%and the Grade Pays are Rs.1900 to Skilled, Rs.2400 to HS-II,Rs.2800 to HS-I and Rs.4200 to MCM.

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2 thoughts on “Grade Pay Rs.4200 to MCM-Issuance of Order will be delayed”

  1. g.paramasivam

    Respected Sir, i am working in MES defence civilian trade FGM HSG from 1999 onwards According to 6th cpc rule on 01.01.2006 by HSG 50:50 ratio HS-1,HS-2 that time getting 13 individual HS-1,13 individual HS-2 I am getting HS-1 3rd sinearity. TO GET next promotion for MCM which rule is to be taken first

  2. pushparajan obc

    which one is real? what is the real position in fast track committee for OFB MCMs those who are in affected in this pay commission. where from bottlleneck for delayed the implemendation in 4200. Rly implemented

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