CGHS Criteria for Dependency

Criteria for Dependency for availing CGHS benefits explained in the following FAQ

CGHS Criteria for Dependency
CGHS Criteria for Dependency

1. For CGHS cards , as dependant ,what is the meaning of the word “family”

The term ‘family’ means and includes:-“Husband or wife as the case may be and other dependant family members.Dependant Family Members: parents, sisters, widowed sisters, widowed daughters, minor brothers and minor sister, children and stepchildren wholly dependent upon the Government Servant and are normally residing with the Government Servant”. Also now include dependent divorced / separated daughters and stepmother.The term dependency means that income from all sources including pensions and pension equivalent of DCRG benefit is less than Rs.3500/- plus amount of DA on Basic pension of Rs3500/- per month.

2. Is there any age limit for sons /daughters as dependant in CGHS Card?

Son is eligible till he starts earning or attains the age of 25 years or gets married whichever is earlier. However in case the son is suffering from any permanent disability of any kind (physical or mental) he is eligible for CGHS benefits even after 25yrs .Disability means blindness, low vision, leprosy-cured, hearing impairment, locomotor disability, mental retardation, mental illness. A disability certificate from Medical Board is required. Daughter is eligible till she starts earning, or gets married, whichever is earlier (irrespective of age)

3.My married daughter has dispute with her husband she is residing with me. I am a CGHS card holder. Could I include her name in CGHS Card?


4. My daughter is married but son-inlaw is unemployed. Can I have my daughter and son-in-law in my CGHS Card?


5.The Divorce case of my daughter No is pending in Court. Can I include her name in CGHS Card?


6. My son is divorced Can his divorced wife be dependant as she takes alimony from us ..[Click to read more Clarifications up to Number -16 ]

Further CGHS Issued Clarification regarding Age limit for dependent children of Government servants and pensioners for availing medical facilities under CGHS and Central Services (MA) Rules, 1944 , in which it has been clarified that a son who is dependent on his father / mother can avail CGHS facilities upto the time he attains the age of 25 years or till he starts earning, whichever is earlier. The age limit of 25 years would not be applicable in respect of the son of a CGHS beneficiary, in case he was suffering from any permanent disability of any kind (physical or mental)....[ CLICK TO READ MORE ABOUT THIS CLARIFICATION]  

In view of the dismissal of the Writ Petition, it has been decided to re-fix the age limit for dependents, as indicated below:

(i) Son Till he starts earning or attains the age of 25 years, whichever is earlier [ CLICK TO READ MORE ABOUT THIS CLARIFICATION]  



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15 thoughts on “CGHS Criteria for Dependency”


    If one of the Central Government employee’s dependent dies while availing LTC at the place of destination mention in LTC, what are the LTC reimbursement rule in this case<

  2. A. Kesava Rao

    I am working in Central Govt Department. My wife is the only daughter to my mother in law and father in law. They don’t have any other children and are staying since my marriage. At the time of joining in my service during 1992 I declared my mother as my dependent along with my wife and children. My mother expired during 2007. Since my father in law and mother in law are staying with me can add them as my dependent snatched least now? Kindly please guide me. My father in law is unemployed and agriculturist and has no land now no income. My mother in law is house wife. My wife also unemployed and house wife.

  3. My unmarried daughter aged 25 is employed in bank since ladt one and half years where she is not elegible to claim ltc for first two years of her service. Whether i being central govt employee can claim her ltc as dependent

  4. Sanjeev Kumar Nayak

    Whether any scholarship received by the daughter will exclude her from the dependent list . So far my knowledge is concerned, scholarship is not an income.

  5. One of my officer have applied for enrolment of his new born baby in all service record as dependent family member but the documents he have submitted is discharge certificate of hospital with his declaration as dependent with name.
    If the name as declared by the officer with name of his child be recorded or an authentic birth certificate from Registrar of Birth and death is required. please communicate with circulars of DOPTs.

  6. I m working tgt in school .I got married 10 may ,2015 my real mother father already add my dgehs card can u plz tell me I want to continue thier in my card they are totally dependent on me

  7. My wife getting higher salary in the Government department and her department also provide medical facility and I am getting low salary then my wife and I am also a Government servant and my office provide medical facility through CGHS. Can my wife avail medical facility alongwith me from my office or not. If she can then please tell me in what rule she avail CGHS facility alongwith me from my office

  8. I am working in Delhi High Court and my salary is higher than my wife who is working MCD department. CGHS facility is available in my office. Can I avail medical facility from her office, if yer, please tell me in what rule I can avail medical facility from her office

  9. Sir I am posted abroad on government duty (GOI) . I am governed by IFS PLCA rules for all practical purposes. My parents are wholly dependent on me as my father is retired from HAL and he is having no pension (as he is from public sector).My father is a pyschiatric patient and his behaviour became uncontrollable after me moving aboad . So he was shifted to spandana rehabilitation centre , Bangalore . This had left my mom alone. Previously my parents used to stay with me at all my postings.
    So with present scenario I moved a request to GOI to add her name as my dependent and join me abroad explaining the case . The GOI was kind enough to add her name as my dependent and a offical passport with air ticket was issued to her. She joined me here two months ago . Now when I applied for embassy to settle my mothers TA claims following questions are raised
    a) Is she a single dependent parent
    This may have two meaning which I assume
    i) Is she a divorcee/ widow which she is actually not
    ii) Does she have a sibling who can take care of her other than me : My sister is in Australia after moving as a spouse. She is not earning
    b) Why did she join me after six months of me joining the mission abroad
    Now I really dont know what I am entitled for or not as I am not conversant with IFS PLCA rules and it doesn’t give a clear solution for this case .
    Please help me with guidance. Regards Bharath

  10. Dear Sir,

    My uncle had two wives.He has recently passed away. He was the pensioner. My Aunt is second wife. She has two son of below 20 years and one unmarried daughter. I want to know is my aunt is eligible for pension of my auncle or not? if she, how much percentage?

  11. My mother, retired from Delhi Govt was dependent upon me until the 5th Pay Commission because of her pension was within the limit prescribed by GOI. So, CGHS considered my request for inclusion of her name on my CGHS Card. Now, in 6th Pay Commssion, the scenario is different because her monthly pension is Rs. 3500/-. Had it been Rs. 3499/-, she would have been considered dependent upon me but with just Rs. 1 increase, she officially cannot be considered dependent and her name cannot be included in my CGHS Card.

    I may submit that I am in the foreign service and my mother for all practical purposes is dependent upon me. She is around 80 years old and can barely walk. While I am in India, she is covered under the health scheme of Delhi Government and I can take care of that. Now that I am on a posting abroad and I have no choice but to bring my mother along with me – being the only son and her dependency on me for all practical purposes. While I am covered under the medical scheme of the government even while on deputation abroad, my mother is not because her dependency status has changed with just a difference of one rupee.

    I am not asking for her air fare and other expenses but only how to bring her under my own health coverage? Is there any coordination between autonomous bodies i.e. Delhi Goverment, MCD, NDMC, etc. and the Central Government in these crucial health matters.

  12. subramanya.s.Havanur



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